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重庆大学版 高二 (8)

Unit 3

Unit 3
Going Home

Task 1. What do you think of the saying “Home, sweet home”? Discuss with your partner and then report to the class with the help of the
following words and expressions.

parents hometown acquaintances away from home

relatives homesick bosom friends

East or west, home is best.

go home

Getting Ready

Task 2. What is the symbolic meaning of a yellow handkerchief/ ribbon in English? Have a discussion with your partner and tick its possible meanings.

( ) A symbol of remembrance of men and women who served in places far from home. ( ) A symbol of faithfulness to the one a woman/girl loves. ( ) A symbol of missing someone and a way of welcoming him/her home. ( ) A symbol of remembrance of someone who gave you a hand when you were in trouble.

黄手绢代表原谅,谅解。在自家的树上 挂一块黄手绢,也代表等待,幸福等。黄 手绢不单代表原谅对方的过错,更体现 了人类博大的胸怀和亲情的伟大。

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree 1) Who does “You” refer to in the song? 2) Where had “1” been in the past three years? 3) What would “I” do if “I” didn’t see a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree?

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree

1) Who does “You” refer to in the song? “You” refers to the man’s wife. 2) Where had “1” been in the past three years? “I” have been in prison in the past three years.

3) What would “I” do if “I” didn’t see a
yellow ribbon around the old oak tree?

“I” would not go back home.

Going Home

Fast reading
1. Read the passage through and give answers to those questions in Task 3 of Getting Ready. Then write a story outline based on the elements given below.

Topic:Love and family Title: Going Home Characters: Vingo and his wife, three boys and three girls

Storyline: On a bus ride to California, three boys and three girls met Vingo, who had been in prison for three years. Now he had done his time and going back home. Before he left the prison, he wrote to his wife and told her that if she still loved him, she should tie a yellow handkerchief on the oak tree. Finally, Vingo saw what he wanted and went back home to meet his wife.

2. Choose the best answer.
1) The young people on the bus were going to Florida because _____. A. they wanted to spend their holiday in the sunshine B. they were going on their Christmas holiday C. they went to school in Florida D. they wanted to pay a visit to their relatives there

2) One thing that the young people noticed about Vingo was that ___. A. he liked to meet new people B. he did not move or speak for a long time C. he was a very old man D. he was shivering with the spring cold

3) To Vingo, Florida ________. A. was a beautiful place with many pleasant memories B. was of little interest though it was beautiful C. was a place that brought back to mind painful memories D. was nothing of


4) How did the other people on the bus find out about Vingo’s story? A. Vingo told them himself B. The girl who sat beside him told them C. They heard it from the bus driver. D. Vingo first told the story to the girl sitting beside him and then the girl told the others

5) From Vingo’s description of his letter to his wife, we can infer that ________. A. he wanted her to forget him B. he would be angry with her if she got remarried C. he wanted her to be happy D. he did not want her to write to him

6) Vingo asked his wife to let him know if __________. A. she had remarried B. she would put a handkerchief on the tree C. she still lived in Brunswick D. she wanted him back

7) As the bus approached Brunswick, the young people on the bus __________. A. became silent and waited eagerly B. got nervous and restless C. were lost in thought D. became anxious about Vingo’s wife

8) The oak tree had lots of yellow handkerchiefs on it because Vingo’s wife ___. A. was worried that Vingo wouldn’t be able to see just one handkerchief B. was eager to show him she had become a rich woman now C. wanted him to stay on the bus and keep going D. wanted to show him how glad she was to have him home

3. Work with your partner and answer the following questions.
1) Why did Vingo’s wife put so many yellow handkerchiefs on the oak tree? She did so in order to show Vingo that she and the kids loved him very much. 2) What do you think of Vingo and his wife? They loved each other very much.

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