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Soil Physics

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Soil Physics









Soil Physics 2010Introduction to the courseWho am I?Who are you?The lab (AGRON 578)Introduction to the topic

Introduction to the course(This next stuff is on the syllabus)1:To learn and understand basic concepts of soil physics

2:To apply soil physics concepts as appropriate

3:To recognize soil physics when you see it outside the classroom

4:To enhance your overall scientific, quantitative, and computer skillsSoil Physics 2010


2 soils courses, calculus recommended1 soils course, math up to calculus1+ soils course, 1+ semester each of calculus and physicspermission of instructorSoil Physics 2010


Please address any special needs or

accommodations with me at the beginning of the semester, or as soon as you become aware of them.

Those seeking accommodations based on from the Disability Resources (DR) office (294-7220), in Room 1076 of the Student Services Building.

Soil Physics 2010


You will be tested on material in this book, so I strongly encourage you to buy it!Soil Physics 2010

Soil Physics 2010Dani Hillel has written the most widely used

textbooks in soil physics.

Soil Physics 2010


I post lectures (.ppt format), assignments, announcements, and related material.

I would love to post lectures ahead of time, but that probably won’t happen.Soil Physics 2010

My expectations of you:

?Act with academic integrity.

?Be courteous to me and to your fellow students. ?Attend and participate in lectures.

?Read the assigned readings before each lecture.

?Tell me in advance (email is fine) if you are going to miss a class.

?Submit assignments on time.

?Tell me when you don’t understand the material.Soil Physics 2010

My obligations to you:

?Act with academic integrity.

?Be courteous to you.

?Prepare and present informative lectures.?Provide you with information.

?Help you to learn the material.

?Foster an environment conducive to learning.?Fairly and promptly grade assignments and tests.Soil Physics 2010

Differences between AGRON/ENSCI477 and 577:477 is for undergraduates; 577 is for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

More is expected of students enrolled in 577. Specifically:

?their exams will have one or two additional questions, and

?they must write an article for Wikipedia, and

present it to the class, on a soil physics topic that is mutually agreed upon by the student and the instructor.

Soil Physics 2010


Soil Physics 2010

(including the final) are comprehensive.

You may use a calculator and an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper with notes, equations, diagrams, etc. (no scanning or

photocopying!) on one side, and your name on the other.Soil Physics 2010

will occur frequently and without notice, at the beginning of a class period.

They are short (1-3 questions), cover assigned reading and the previous lecture, and take about 5 minutes.Their purpose is to encourage you to read the assignments, and to show up on time.

There will be no make-up quizzes, but your lowest quiz score will not count towards your final grade.Soil Physics 2010

…may be done with others: this is often a good way to learn.

Each person must submit their own copy, and give names of those with whom they worked. Assignments submitted late are docked 10% per day, starting at the end of the class period at which the assignment was due.Soil Physics 2010

On Nov. 2009 I counted about 30 articles that were both listed under the topic “soil physics”, and fell within the domain of this course.

The article on porosity is a reasonable guide to what I am looking for in terms of length and depth.

For your presentation, plan for 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions and discussion.

Wikipedia articles will be presented to the class, and discussed, at the appropriate time in the course. For example, if you have chosen to write about gas-phase diffusion, you will present your article on March 26thin the semester so you can get the topic you want.Soil Physics 2010

Course outline:

?Porous medium basics

?The solid phase

Single-fluid transport?Single-fluid transport

?Dual-fluid transportDual-fluid transport

Heat transport?Heat transport

Composite transport?Composite transport

Soil physics, as a scientific endeavor, deals with the state and movementof matter and with the fluxesand transformationsof energy in the soil and related porous media. (SSSA)Soil Physics 2010

Who am I?B.S., Plant & Soil Science, University of MaineM.S., Crop Science, North Caroline State U.Ph.D., Soil Physics, University of MinnesotaPhysical Geography (4), Meteorology,

Hydrogeology (2), Water Resources,

A Sustainable Society,

Soil Physics, Advanced Soil Physics (6)Diffusion, Radioactive waste management,

Percolation theory, Coupled heat & water movementSoil Physics 2010

Who are you?

Please write on a sheet of paper:?




?Your full name, and preferred name if differentEmail addressPreferred phone number (optional)Major and year (undergrad) or major prof. (grad)Courses you’ve taken (no more than 3 each) in:?Soil science

?Other earth science



…and hand in the paper.

Soil Physics 2010

The Lab (AGRON578)It can help to get a hands-on sense of what we talk about in class.

Currently the lab is scheduled for Monday, 1:10 –4:10 pm.

Soil Physics 2010

Introduction to soil physicsGeology



MeteorologyQuantum MechanicsAstrophysicsMathematical EquationsLarge Hadron Collider

Crop Management



Soil Physics 2010

Introduction to soil physics




MeteorologyPetroleum EngineeringGeotechnical Eng.Hydraulic EngineeringCivil EngineeringElectrical EngineeringMathematical EquationsNewtonian PhysicsCondensed Matter Physics


Crop Management



Soil Physics 2010

What’s my point?

?All the sciences are inter-related

?Soil physics borrows heavily from other sciences, and also informs other sciences…and also

?Physical sciences tend to be more mathematical

?Soil physics is both fundamental and applied?Physical explanations should make physical sense

Soil Physics 2010

Physical properties of soil

?What do soils do?

?make this possible?


occur in soils to make this possible?Soil Physics 2010

Current issues in soil physics

What are the big issues in soil physics today??Heterogeneity, randomness and structure?Scale, upscaling, downscaling, and scale integration

?Integration with meteorology, hydrology, etc.?Legacy of empirical, non-physical conceptsSoil Physics 2010

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