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strongest hitman 最强杀手

He is from a Mafia in the Italy.

He likes cosplay and he is a good cosplayer.

He is not good at everything.His classmates call him Scrap wood Tsuna(废 材阿纲).

Scrap 废物、垃圾[skr? p]

Reborn comes to Japan in order to train him as the 10th boss of Vongola(彭格 列) Family.Vongola is the biggest Mafia(黑手党组织) in the world.

He looks more and more like a boss with the help of Reborn and he finds his guardians

Gokudera Hayato 狱寺隼人
Protector of the Wind [岚之守护者]

He wants to be the Boss 's right hand man

He is the protector of the wind

He is a genius(天才) and he loyals to the leader He was born in a mafia and he leaved home because of his mother's death

yamamoto takeshi 山本武
The protector of rain [雨之守护者]

He is a swordsman(剑客) and he study sword(剑术) which is called (时雨苍燕流) from his father

He likes baseball and he was a good baseball palyer at first but he choose study sword for protect his friends

Protector of the Thunder [雷之守护者]

He can use a ten-years- Bazooka(十年 后火箭筒) and he will become ten years later's himself for five minutes

His dream is killing reborn and becoming the strongest hitman ,but he failed everytime and just crying

Sasagawa Ryohei 笹川了平 Protector of the Sunny晴


He is a boxer and his Pet phrase (口 头禅) is limit(极限)

Hibali Kyouya 云雀恭弥

Protector of the

Cloud [云之守护者]

←His pet Hibado.(云豆)

He is the disciplinary committee(风纪委员) of school and he hates Cluster(群聚) and he will stop everything that disturbs(扰乱) discipline . He thinks cluster is weak persons' behavior

rokudo mukuro 六道骸

The protector of the fog

He was as test materials to do the experiment when he was a child then he got the right eye 他小时候被当做试验 品做实验,于是他得 到了六道轮回眼

Thank you

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