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Don’t mark my paper

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A simple focus

We are in the







Your FORTRESS of Brands!Created the spray lubricant market. 80% share of US consumer market. #1 brand.Created the aerosol carpet stain remover market. 50% share of US consumer market. #1 brand.

Created the

US heavy-duty hand cleaner market. #1 brand in Food.Created the UK carpet stain remover market. 40% share of UK consumer market. #1 brand.Created Australian heavy-duty hand cleaner market. #1 brand in Food.Created the drip oil Market in the US. #1 brand.Created the long-duration ATBC market. #1 brand.Created rug deodorizer mkt. #2 brand, #1 in aerosol. Created the mildew stain remover market.

Everyday products meeting everyday consumer needs

WD-40 Company is…

?A global consumer products innovation, marketing and distribution company.

?A specialist in niche markets or segments.

?A company of amazing, strong brands.

?A company of unique broad distribution.

?A company with values that focus on long term growth –people, brands and profits.


Servant leadership with edge

Our Vision

From a brand fortress to a fortress of brands. A global consumer products innovation, marketing & distribution company dedicated to building brand equities that are first or second in their respective categories. Our brands live under the sink, in the toolboxes and in the garages of the world.

Our Mission

To leverage and build the brand fortress of WD-40 Company by building and acquiring brands that deliver a demonstrable, unique benefit and high value to end users, and that can be distributed across multiple trade channels in one or more areas of the world.Our Core Commitment

We measure success by…

Being disciplined people, using disciplined thought, creating disciplined action.


Servant leadership with edge








?Increase the value our fortress deliversOur customers will leave amazed and fulfilledAchieve the perfect transactionMake it better than it is todayOwn it and act on itOur actions reflect our commitmentsDrive faster, more profitable growth



Servant leadership with edge



?Managing our business with rigor Paying close attention to the balance of sales and profit growth

Helping our people get an “A”–not marking their paper??????

?Being positiveBeing realisticBeing responsiveBeing responsibleBeing accountableBeing candid Living our values?


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