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A Picturesque Place in China

---- Guilin

Brief Introduction
? Guilin is situated in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the west bank of the Li River. Its name means "forest of Sweet Osmanthus", owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees located in the city. ? Guilin covers an area of 27,797 square kilometers. It has a population of nearly 5.08million according to the latest census, 753690 out of which are urban populations. The whole city is divided into five city districts,ten counties and two autonomous counties.

Guangxi lies in the damp monsoon climate,the average temperature here is 19℃ annually. So the climate here is warm and rainy,people enjoys plenty of sunshine and clear division of the four seasons.


Scenic spots in Guilin

History of Development

Guilin was first established by Emperor Qinshihuang, in 214 BC as the Guilin Shire. It was located on the Guixiang "Corridor" which was an important passage connecting Zhongyuan and Lingnan. During the Three-Kingdom period, the Wu Kingdom built up Shi'an Shire here, and from then on Guilin has come to be a political and transition center. Till Tang Dynasty, Guilin had become a relatively big city with great halls and walls. In Song Dynasty Guilin was the capital of Guangnanxilu, which governed Guangxi and Hainan Island. In Ming Dynasty, Guilin was also the seat of Jingjiang Prince Mansion and Guangxi Three Departments. In 1940 Guilin was reset as a city and the capital of Guangxi Province. So Guilin has been the political, economic and cultural center ever since its founding.


World-renowned for its beautiful natural landscape, Crystal Rivers and strangely-shaped karst peaks and pinnacles, Guilin has a long history as being one of the most beautiful places in China and one of China's most comfortable cities for human to live in. No wonder the following two sayings about Guilin are so popular: "Guilin scenery is best among all under heaven", "One would rather be a native of Guilin than be a god in the Heaven.

Jingjiang Princes’ City (靖江王城)
Jingjiang Princes’ City is a noted historical site in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People‘s Republic of China. It now functions as both Guangxi Normal University(广西师 范大学)and as a tourist attraction.

Silver Cave (银子岩)

Silver Cave is a national AAAA level scenic spot in Lipu County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province of China , 85 km from Guilin and 18 km away from Yangshuo. The most three famous scenic areas include snow-mountain with waterfall (雪山 飞瀑), music stone screen (音乐石屏), and Jade Pool Wonderland (瑶池仙境).

Li River (Guangxi) (漓江)
Li River (Guangxi), in Guangxi, China, is famous for the scenery.

Seven-Star Cave (七星岩) Seven Star Park (七星公园)

Seven-Star Cave is an extensive limestone cave complex in SevenStar Park, both of which are popular tourist attract

ions in the city of Guilin in Guangxi province in China . The earliest exploration of Seven-Star Cave dates back to the Tang Dynasty, about 1,300 years ago.

Camel Mountain (骆驼山 )

Elephant Trunk Hill(象鼻山)
The Elephant Trunk Hill is a landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi, China. Elephant Trunk Hill is also the symbol of the city of Guilin. It got its name because it looks like an elephant drinking water.

Fubo Hill (伏波山)

Daxu Ancient Town (大圩古镇

Xingping Ancient Town (兴坪古镇)

Duxiu Feng (Solitary Beauty Peak) (独秀峰)

It has acquired a fame of "t he Pillar Holding up the Southern Sky“ (南天一 柱)because of its majesty. The climb to the top is steep but there are good views of the town, the Li River and the surrounding hills.

Z hua n g Building: Most houses of ancient
Zhuang remains "ganlan" form
Clothes: zhuang special fabrics is called zhuangjin

Culture The typical houses of the Yao are rectangular and they have structures made of wood and bamboo. Normally it has three rooms: a room and two dormitories in the lateral side. Each one of these rooms has a small oven to cook. The men and the women cover their heads with a black or red scarf. Some women substitute this scarf by a turban that can adopt different forms. The traditional suit of the women is of bright colors. They also decorate their shirts with decorations made out of silver.

D ong
Clothes:Dong people's clothing is called "Dong cloth" The Dong or Kam People are internationally renowned for their polyphonic choir singing (Chinese: 侗族大歌), which can be literally translated as Kam Grand Choir in English. The Kam Grand Choir has been listed by the UNESCO as a world-class intangible cultural heritage since 2009. Dong choral songs include nature songs, narratives, and children's songs.


Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Water Ciba 水糍粑

Water Ciba 水糍粑

nun vegetarian noodles 尼姑素粉

Guilin glue pudding 桂林汤圆

Water Chestnut Cakes 马蹄糕


Guilin rice dumpling 桂林粽子

碗糕 Salty rice pudding

碗糕 Salty rice pudding

松糕 trifle

松糕 trifle

Guilin hot pot 桂林火锅

Guilin River snails 桂林喝螺

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