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All Saint's day/All Hollows' eve
? Origin in 18th century ? 31st October ? Countries which celebrate -Europe, America, Australia, etc...

Why do people celebrate Halloween
? To remember the hallows who have passed away, remembering the dead... ? In modern days, for adults, it is more of a festival to play jokes(pranks) on friends, go to costume parties, watch horror films, visit haunted sites etc... ? While children dress up in Halloween costumes and ask for candies---"TRICH OR TREAT" ? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Popular costumes
? Kids and adult wear costumes of their favotite characters from films, myths and magazines... anything is acceptable as far as it is funny or scary or if it makes sense to you.

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Vampire(cloak) Frankenstein Flash Witch(witch hat, broom, green makeup) Pirate(pirates hat,sword, eye patch, hook)

Playing pranks
? Common pranks? ? Remember don't play pranks on the people you are hardly familiar with. You might get into trouble

Visiting haunted sites
? Believe it or not, following countries have the most number of haunted sites than any other ? USA ? UK ? Canada ? Australia ? China ? Philippines ? Egypt ? Mexico

Films based on true stories

Common candies given to children on Halloween
? Corn candy, soft candy,lollipops, chocolate, colourful candies




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1.Man, you are a saint. 2.It's an amazing century. 3.Let's celebrate. So what's the celebration about? 4.Dress up 5.You've tricked me. Don't tricking me. 6.hallow lantern Jack myth acceptale haunt 7.make sense to sb. cloak room broom hardly chainsaw nightmare constructing site/website It's my treat.(Let me get it.) Lollipop man potter pranks buzzer itching powder

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