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词汇理解模拟题:Passage One

  Tea is the steady companion of the Scottish day. Each hotel, no matter how humble? stocks its rooms with supplies for brew-ups ('泡茶);electric pot for 1__________ water, ceramic pot for brewing, china cups and small tea-creamers, a great number of teas, honey, fresh milk, and lemons. This is a delight and 2________ , for not only is there no such thing in American hotels, but room service even in 3__________ ones, when asked for tea with milk, can 4_________ a plastic kettle of hot water covered by a square of Saran Wrap, and a glass of milk.
It is nearing four o’clock in the afternoon. We come upon a small caravan camper with its door open to a late -middle -aged Scottish couple, sitting at a folding table, taking tea and biscuits. Passing by, one only has a 5__________ : his thick, white socks and heavy black shoes; her plump pear form and print dress; the electric kettle on the table. The archaeologists are 6________ as to why the people of ancient Skara Brae would locate their huts so close to the sea, and have guessed that in fact the settlement was 7__________ located in a protected hollow, that time has eroded the shoreline inland toward the huts. That would make sense. Indeed, when presented at Skara Brae with the lure of a (an) 8_________ sea and the howling wind, we ourselves tucked into the hollow of a dune for lunch, eating cheese and apples in the sun with wind 9__________ our heads, blowing the sand into rippling ridges, flattening the beach grasses. Probably the archaeologists are right, but this utterly typical sense of Scottish 10_________ merrily planted at the edge of harsh cliffs, afternoon tea conducted in the wind and cold, suggests another possibility.

B) sparkling(adj、闪闪发光的,闪烁的;v-ing、发出火花、闪耀)
C) confused(adj、困惑的,混乱的;v-ed、困惑)
D) considerate(体贴的,体谅的,考虑周全的)
E) slash(n/v、劈,砍,削减)
F) immediately(adv、立刻,即刻;conj、一…就…)
G) astonishment(惊讶,令人惊讶的人或物)
H) glimpse(一瞥n,瞥见v)
I) skimming(v、略读,浏览,撇去东西;n、浮渣)
J) domesticity(n、家庭生活,对家庭的挚爱)
K) cooperate(v、合作,配合、协商)
L) boiling(n、沸腾 ;adj、沸腾的;adv、沸腾)
M) respectable (n. 可敬的人;adj. 值得尊敬的;人格高尚的;相当数量的,体面的)
N) glowing(adj. 灼热的;热情洋溢的;鲜艳的;v. 发光;容光焕发(glow的ing形式);发)
0) originally(adv. 最初,起初;本来)




extract 报错
英[?ekstr?kt] 美['?kstr?kt]
vt. 提取;取出;摘录;榨取
n. 汁;摘录;榨出物;


  1. L 空格前的electric pot for与water后的ceramic pot for brewing为并列关系。后
  者的意思是“用来冲泡的陶瓷壶”,那么前面的意思可能为“用来烧水的电 热水壶”,其中“烧”这个词要用其动名词形式,与brewing对应。选项中只 有boiling符合题意。
  2. G 空格前为名词delight和and,判断空处应为名词,几个名词选项中,只有 astonishment“令人惊讶的事”符合语境。此处要表达“这是一件令人髙兴的 事,也是一件令人惊讶的事”。
  3. M 空格前是介词,空格后为代词ones,空处应该填形容词。几个形容词选项中只有respectable“体面的;相当好的”符合题意,此处表示的是“体面的 饭店”。
  4. A 空格前是情态动词can,判断此处应填动词原形。根据句意“……当被要求来一杯奶茶时,可能会 一个装有热水的塑料水壶,水壶上包着一块保鲜膜……”和上下文的语境推测此处应填一个表示“递给”的动词,故 deliver最合适。
  5. H 空格前为限定词a,判断空处应填一个名词。几个名词选项中,只有glimpse符合题意,意为“瞥了一眼”。
  6. C 空格所在句子大意为“关于为什么古代史卡拉坡城的居民会把他们的茅屋建造在离大海这么近的地方这一问题,考古学家们是 ”,空格前为系动词are,由此判断空格处应填一个形容词,作表语,选项所给的形容词中 只有confosed合适,意为“疑惑的”。
  7. O 空格前是系动词was,空格后是动词located,由此推测空格处应填一个副词,所给的副词中只有originally(起初)符合题意。
  8. B 空格前是不定冠词a(an),空格后为名词sea、并列连词and和the howling wind,分析此处应填一个和howling并列的、修饰sea的形容词。sparkling意 为“波光粼粼的”,符合题意。
  9.1 空格前后都出现了名词,且空格前还有表示伴随的介词with,分析此处应填动词的现在分词形式。此处语境:在阳光下吃着奶酪和苹果,风 我们的头,把沙子吹进起伏的山脊,吹平了海草。由语境推测应填入动词 skim “掠过”的现在分词形式skimming。
  10. J空格前为形容词,分析此处应填一个名词。全文都在介绍苏格兰的家庭生 活,故此处应填入domesticity,意为“对家庭的挚爱”。typical sense of Scottish domesticity即“苏格兰人典型的对家庭的挚爱之情”。

Passage Two

  Two astronauts face a not-so-merry Christmas after being told to ration their food and hope a cargo ship with extra supplies docks on Dec. 21. Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and American Leroy Chiao have been asked to cut out calories equal to three cans of Coke from their daily diet—around 10 percent of their daily 1 and an amount t

hat would be little noticed, NASA said.
  Russian officials, quoted in the local media(媒体), have 2 blamed the previous crew for overeating during their one-month mission earlier this year, leaving a 3 of meat and milk and a surplus(n. 剩余;[贸易] 顺差;盈余;过剩adj. 剩余的;过剩的)of juice and confectionery (糖果).
  The Dec. 24 launch of the next Progress is now 4 for the crew, stationed in orbit since October. It is due to 5 with the ISS on Dec. 21.
  NASA officials said their situation was not so different from being cut off on Earth, and their lives were not at risk. If they do not receive 6 supplies, the astronauts would have to 7 the station and return to Earth on the Soyuz capsule that is docked there.
  Russia has been the sole lifeline to the ISS for almost two years when the United States grounded its 8 fleet after the fatal Columbia accident.
  Russia has often 9 of its financial struggle to keep the ISS fully serviced single-handedly. Shuttle flights could 10 in May, officials have said, but in the meantime Russia will continue to launch all manned and cargo ships.

A) deficit B) complained C) severely D) allowance E) considerately F) shuttle G) evacuate H) absently
I) adequat J) dock K) resume L) vital M) trivial N) evaluate O) fresh

  文章讲述了国际空间站上宇航员所面临的困难,尤其是食物短缺的问题。文 章指出造成这些问题的原因是之前的宇航员吃得太多。

  1. D 空格前为形容词daily,空格后为连词and和an amount,分析句子结构可知,此处应填入一个名词。原文提到,俄罗斯和美国宇航员被要求减少摄 取饮食中的热量,被减少的热量相当于三杯可乐的热量,大约减少了他们日常 的10%,显然破折号前面的daily diet和此处的daily 表达相同的含义,结合选项可知daily allowance(n限额,津贴,零用钱;v、定量供给)最合适,意为“每日供给量”。
  2. C 空格前为have,空格后为blamed,判断此处应该填一个副词。选项中可以修饰blame的只有severely “严厉地”。
  3. A 空格前为不定冠词a,判断此处应该填一个名词。分析句子结构可知,a of meat and milk和a surplus of juice and confectionery为并列结构,故此处应填一个和surplus相对或者相近的名词,结合选项,此处可填入 deficit,意为“不足”。
  4. L 空格前出现了系动词is,空格后为for the crew,此处要表达“下一阶段的12月24日的发射对自从10月份就驻扎在太空轨道中的宇航员们来说是 ”,结合选项中给出的形容词,只有vital合适,意为“重要的”。
  5. J 空格前为不定式符号to,后为介词with,分析此处应填入动词原形,且与with构成搭配。根据上下文语境:在12月21日,它将和国际空

间站 。动词选项中只有dock符合文意,dock with为固定结构,意为“与 对接”。
  6. 0 空格前为动词,空格后为名词,分析此处应填一个形容词,来修饰空格后的名词。此处指出,如果他们没有收到 供给,宇航员就不得不返回地球,结合选项中的形容词,此处填人fresh符合句意,fresh supplies意为 “新鲜供应”,也指“新增补给”。
  7. G 空格前为have to,空格后为the station,分析此处应填一个动词原形。此处语境为:但如果他们没有收到新鲜的供给,宇航员就不得不 空间站并返回到位于地球的联盟号宇宙飞船中。回到地球,肯定就要“离开”空间 站,选项中只有表示“离开,撤离”。
  8. F 空格前为形容词性物主代词its(指美国的),空后为名词fleet,显然its fleet要表达的是“美国的 舰队”。此处语境为:自哥伦比亚号
  失事后,美国停飞了它的 ,而这两年的时间里俄罗斯一直是国际空间站的唯一的生命线。此处显然要填表示“飞机;飞船”的单词,shuttle fleet意为“航天飞机”,为固定搭配,符合句意。
  9. B 空格前有助动词has,空格后为介词of,判断空处应填一个动词的过去分词,且可与of搭配。此处要表达:俄罗斯经常 它独自维持国际空间站运营的财政困难,结合选项,俄罗斯显然是在“抱怨”,complain of...意 为“抱怨……”,符合句意。
  10. K空格前为情态动词could,空格后为in May,判断此处应填一个不及物动词。此句意为“官员说道,航天飞机会在五月 ,但同时,俄罗斯会继续发射载人和载物飞船。”结合选项只有resume符合文意,意为“重新开始 (飞行)”。

Passage Three

  We all hope that the values that are important to each of us are passed along to our children.
  Often, however, that hope is challenged by a flood of pop culture messages, peer pressure, and over-scheduled lives that leave little time for good counsel or 1 . It’s easy to forget that learning values and character at home is as important as any schoolwork or 2 activity.
  In the real world of jobs and career, people are judged by two 3 : their professional skills and their personal traits. While grade school, high school, and college can teach skills and 4 , it!s up to parents to teach children the 5 that make for success in the real world—diligence, a cooperative attitude, creativity, optimism, assertiveness, and honesty. Schools— 6 colleges—don"t focus on these issues. That’s the job of the parents, so take the assignment seriously. Send your kids into the world, ready to 7 not only the tasks of life but also its hurdles, social obstacles, and frustrations with finesse and character.
  You really can’t start soon enough. After all, children need personal integrity and morals

as much as any adult. Bullies will always be around; tasks won’t always be assigned fairly; the good guys won’t always win; petty concerns will often 8 issues of substance; and money won’t always be in ample supply; 9 children to the harsher realities of life isn’t cruel; giving them that experience and 10 them through it is part and parcel of raising kids to have courage, resilience (适应力),and honor.

A) reflection B) coaching C) attributes D) realization E) standards F) academic G) proficiency H) associated I) handle J) convey K) exposing L) trump M) assignment N) extracurricular 0) particularly

  文章论述了该如何培养孩子的价值观的问题,主要强调了父母在教育方面 的作用以及该如何对孩子进行教育。
  1. A 根据句子结构,空处所填单词与counsel并列,故此处应填一个名词。此句意为:流行文化信息、同辈的压力和日程过满的生活使我们很少有时间听取好的忠告或者去 ,结合几个名词选项,reflection意为“反思”,符合句意。
  2. N 连词or连接schoolwork和 activity,显然空处要填一个与学校活动相关的形容词。选项给出的形容词中,只有extracurricular符合文意, extracurricular activity意为“课外活动”。
  3. E 空格前为数量词,判断空白处应填一个复数可数名词。此句意为:在现实的工作和职场中,有两个 来评判人。由judge—词可判断此处要填表示“标准”的词,即standards。
  4. G 由skills and 结构判断,空处应填一个和skills含义相关的名词。此处意为: 大学可以教技能和 ,结合选项,proficiency意为(技能的)熟练程度”,符合句意。
  5. C 分析句子结构,空前为定冠词the,空后为that定语从句,空处应填名词。此处意为:由父母教会孩子在现实世界中获得成功的 ,破折号后面的diligence, a cooperative attitude, creativity, optimism, assertiveness, and honesty等表示“品质”的词对空处进行了解释说明,故空处应填表示“品 质”的词,故选attributes。
  6. 0 根据句子结构, colleges是句子主语Schools的同位语,空处应填副词,表示突出强调,此句意为:学校, 大学,不关注这些问题,particularly'尤其是,特别是”符合文意。
  7.1 空格前为ready to,判断此处应填动词原形。该动词的宾语是not only the tasks of life but also its hurdles, social obstacles, and frustrations with finesse and character,handle意为“处理,应对”,此处要表达:处理生活事务,应 对困难、社会障碍和挫折。
  8. L 空格前为助动词和副词,空格后为名词,判断此处应填动词原形。此处上下文语境为:欺凌事件随处可见;任务不总是公平分配;好人不一定总赢;

小问题往往 实质性问题……上下文陈述的都是社会负面问题,空处所在分句也要陈述负面问题,即人们常常关注小问题,而忽略 了实质性问题,也就是小问题往往压过实质性问题,trump意为“压过, 胜过”。
  9. K 分析句子结构, children to the harsher realities of life为句子的主语部分,谓语动词是isn’t,故空处应填动词的现在分词形式,且该动词可与 to搭配。此处要表达:让孩子接触更残酷的现实生活,结合选项,exposing 意为“使面临,使遭遇”,符合题意。
  10. B 首先判断空前的and连接giving them that experience 和 them through it两个并列成分,故空处应填现在分词,与giving对应。此处意为:让他们获得那种经历,并 他们渡过难关是教育孩子有勇气、适应力和荣誉感的必不可少的一部分,结合选项,coaching为动词coacld指导”的动名词 形式,符合题意。

Passage Four

  Employers are far less likely to employ people with mental illnesses than those with physical ailments (疾病),a report shows. The government is 1 an initiative urging employers to improve conditions for people with a mental health problem.
  It is 2 one in four people will suffer a mental illness at some point in their lives. And even for those with more common types of mental illness, such as 3 , only about half are 4 employed.
  The voluntary standards, launched to 5 with World Mental Health Day, will also be used by public sector organizations, including local councils, government departments and hospitals. The Disability Discrimination Act, which comes into force this December, will require these bodies to end 6 discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.
  Health Minister Rosie Winterton said: “ 7 and stigma (耻辱)still surround the issue of mental ill-health and when someone does develop a problem, they often do not get the support they need f2om society to help them recover.”
  "We all have a role to play in helping to 8 this issue. Employers can help by raising awareness of mental health issues amongst staff, supporting those affected and combating discrimination against staff and customers.”
  ‘‘This is good for staff and good for employers, who we know will benefit from reduced staff 9 and sickness absences.” Work and Pensions Minister Lord Hunt said‘ 'Work is important and beneficial to our physical and mental well-being. Because of this, it is essential that we remove the 10 that prevent people starting, returning to,7or7remaining7in7work.”

A) tackle B) issue C) turnover D) competitively E) coincide F) unlawful G) barriers H) particularly

I) estimated J) launching K) fair L) depression M) taking N) generally 0) ignorance


  1. J 分析句子结构,空格前是is,空格后出现了不定式符号to,表目的,故空处 应填动词的现在分词,并能与空格后的an initiative“一份倡议”构成搭配。 此处要表达“政府正发起一份倡议”,结合选项,launching意为“发起”,符合 句意。
  2.1 分析句子结构,It is 是主语从句,此处要表达“据调查”、“据报道” “据估计”等意义,结合选项,it is estimated“据估计”符合文意。
  3. L 空格前为such as,显然此处是举例,应填名词,是对前文mental illness的 举例,所以空处表示的是一种“心理疾病”,结合选项,depression意为“抑 郁症”,符合题意。
  4. D 分析句子结构,only about half are employed主谓成分完整,故空处 应填副词,修饰employed。结合选项,并根据句意:甚至对于相对较常见 的心理疾病,如抑郁症,只有大约一半的患者在被雇佣时 ,只有 competitively合适,意为“有竞争力地”。
  5. E 空格前为不定式符号to,空格后为介词with,判断此处应填一个动词,且 与with搭配。coincide with为固定短语,意为“符合;同时发生”,符合题意。
  6. F 分析句子结构,空格处所填单词和discrimination—同作end的宾语,空处 应填形容词,修饰discrimination。原文指出:《残障歧视法令》要求这些团 体或组织结束 歧视并提倡机会平等,表明针对歧视残疾人巳经颁 布了相关法律,故discrimination用unlawfUl“非法的”修饰更符合文意。
  7. 0 空格后为and stigma,判断此处应填一个和stigma意义相近的名词。此处意 为: 和耻辱仍旧围绕着心理疾病问题。分析选项中的名词, ignorance意为“无知”,符合题意。
  8. A 空格前为不定式符号to,空格后为指示代词和名词,判断此处应填一个及 物动词,且为原形。此处要表达“帮助解决这个问题”,结合选项, tackle有“解决”之意。
  9. C 分析句子结构,staff 是一个名词词组,被形容词reduced修饰。结合 选项,staff turnover意为“员工流动率”,为固定搭配。
  10. G空格前为定冠词the,空格后为that引导的定语从句,判断此处应该填名 词。此句意为:因为这一点,我们去除阻止人们开始、返回或者持续工作 的 是非常重要的。由此可知,可以阻止人们做某事的一定是“障碍, 阻碍”,故barriers最合适。



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