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The abacus is a method of calculations as a tool in digital computing. The word "abacus", was first found in the Han Dynasty Xu Yuezhuan's "Shu Shu Ji Yi", which has the cloud: "abacus, controlled with four, Jingwei sancai." Zhou Zhen Luan make note, it is: the wood carved into three parts, upper and lower two parts is stop tour beads used, the middle part is used for positioning. Each of the five beads, beads and the above four beads with color difference. A pearl when five, below four, every bead when a. Visible at that time "abacus" and the passage of the abacus is different.


In December 4, 2013, UNESCO in Azerbaijan, capital of Baku, the abacus became the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This is China thirtieth is listed as heritage items. [1-2]

The abacus is calculated as a tool for a method of digital calculation. The word \"abacus\", as early as in han dynasty Xu Yue from \"heritage\" but remember, there are cloud: \"the abacus calculation, accused of band four, the count to three.\" Their ZhenLuan for this note, the effect is: wood carved into three parts, fluctuation two parts is stop swimming bead, the middle part is used as positioning. Each have five beads, a bead above and below four bead to difference in color. A bead above when five, four, each bead when a below. Visible at the time \"the abacus\" are different from current passing the abacus.

On December 4, 2013, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in Baku in azerbaijan through, the abacus officially became the human intangible cultural heritage. This is why China 30 items is listed as one of the project.

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