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They said there'll be snow at Christmas,他们说圣诞将会飘雪

They said there'll be peace on earth,他们说和平降临世界

But instead it just kept on raining,却是冬雨连绵笼

A veil of tears for the Virgin birth.罩着圣女的降生

I remember one Christmas morning,我记得圣诞的清晨

The Winter's light and a distant choir,有冬日的天光与远方的唱诗

And the peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell,有清脆的铃响与冬青的味道 And eyes full of tinsel and fire.人们眼中满是金丝与炉火

They sold me a dream of Christmas,他们售卖给我圣诞之梦

They sold me a silent night,他们售卖

They told me a fairy story,给我寂静之夜

''''Til I believed in the Israelite.直到我相信以色列人的古老传说

And I believed in Father Christmas,我相信会有圣诞老人

And I looked to the sky with excited eyes,我用兴奋的眼神仰望着天穹 Then I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn,在第一道破晓中

And I saw him and through his disguise.哈欠着起床

I wish you a hopeful Christmas,我看破了圣诞老人的乔装

I wish you a brave New Year,我祝你有充满希望的圣诞

All anguish, pain and sadness,我祝你有无限美好的新年

Leave your heart and let your road be clear.我祝你有无限美好的新年 They said there''''d be snow at Christmas,未来的道路畅行无阻

They said there''''d be peace on earth,他们说圣诞将会飘雪

Hallelujah! Noel!, be it Heaven or Hell,他们说和平降临世界

The Christmas we get, we deserve.圣洁的福音充满天地 你应得如此圣诞赐福

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