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Kickball is a ball games in ancient China. It is a competitive sport, put the ball in the goal net. The campaign is to train soldiers and invention. In the Han Dynasty, from the army to the royal family, and even the aristocracy, kickball is very popular. Due to social and economic development, kickball in the Song Dynasty and even swept the community. At the time, professional kickball player is widespread. These players are divided into two categories: one is the royal train and perform for the royal family, while the other is to make a living from the civilian population by the composition of kickball


Forbidden City majestic, magnificent, is the pinnacle of ancient Chinese architectural art, its size and unique style world-renowned. The Forbidden City to save a large number of precious and rare antiquities, they study the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient history and art of great significance. 1925 Forbidden City Palace Museum was renamed and became one of the largest museums in the world. After the founding of New

China, the people's government invested heavily in the protection and maintenance of the Forbidden City. It is now one of Beijing's most popular tourist attractions

翻译 End of 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC, held on behalf of a far-reaching new Chinese historical turning point. Since 1979, China began to implement the reform and opening up policy initiated by the Deng Xiaoping. Team re-adjustment of economic structure and

economic reforms, political system made a big effort. China is gradually guided towards the establishment of a modern

socialist road with Chinese characteristics. Since 1979, China has changed dramatically. Countries in the form of better than ever, people are looking more than ever to enjoy more material benefits

There is not a (no) thrifty man but becomes a rich man sooner or later. Why? Because he will not spend such money as is unnecessary. Little by little his money will accumulate. Ten to one, he is bound to make a fortune.I do not like such men as spend their money in a wrong way. They do not know

extravagance is a bad thing. It can only make them happy for the time being. In short, thrift makes poor men rich and extravagance makes rich men poor.



College Students’ Booklist

The table shows the change of college students’ choice of books from 1989 to 2009. Obviously, novels and books of philosophy and society have declined greatly in importance, while books of foreign languages and computer science have been gaining popularity.

This phenomenon involves several complicated factors. In the first place, college students need to study foreign languages and computer science well, because there is a pressing need for those skills in the employment market. In the next place, novels are still popular though the sales decreased due to the availability of the Internet. Most popular books can be read online.

I have bought many computer books because computer is my major. Moreover, computer science often witnesses fast changes, thus in order to keep up with its latest development, I have to buy new books to constantly arm myself with new information.

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