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圣诞节课件 2013

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Merry Christmas

Origin of Christmas

? the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:美国韦氏辞典 ? Christmas = Christ + mass “基督祭典”, ? mass来自拉丁语missa,本意为散会 (dismissal),引申为基督教会感恩聚会。 ? a mass is a kind of church service. ? Christmas is a religious festival.

Dec. 25 is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ -- the son of God.

Christmas and the Christian era 圣诞节 与 西元纪年
? the Christian era 西元、公元, 又称耶元或耶历, “公历纪元”的简称,是国际 通行的纪年体系。


是以传说中耶稣基督的 出生为元年的西方纪年法。 (相当于中国西汉平帝元年)。

? 耶稣的降生把人类历史划分a.d.和b.c.两部分。 ? A.D. == 拉丁文 Anni Domini Nostri Jesu Christi 的缩写,意为 “主的生年”)通常译为公元、西元或纪元 ? BCE= before the common era 或 B.C. = Before Christ 意 为“基督以前

Christmas Eve

圣经记载, 耶稣生于夜间,故传统称12 月24日夜为“圣诞夜”或“平安夜”。
According to the Bible , Jesus was born at the mid night on December 24th. That’s why it is called “Christmas Eve ”

X’mas Trees
?Necessary decorations to celebrate X’mas. Story: A farmer met a poor boy on Christmas.

? He entertained the boy to dinner warmly. ? When the boy left, the boy broke off a branch of pine-trees, which, immediately, became a pine-tree full of gifts in order to show his thanks to the farmer.

every X’mas tree is full of various decorations.

每棵树的顶端有个特大的 星星--- 希望之星, 象征三 博士跟随该星而找到耶稣

?At the top of every tree hangs a large star, standing for the Magi, or wise men, following the star and found Jesus.

? Only the head of the household has right to hang the star.
? 只有家庭的一家

之主才可以把这颗 希望之星挂上 。

Father Christmas --- Santa Claus
? Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or simply "Santa“.
? in Western cultures, Santa is described as bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. ? Father Christmas is an imaginary figure. ? but nearly all young children believe in him. ? They think he is a happy old man with a long white beard and a long red robe.

Christmas hat and stockings
? Christmas hat :一顶
红色帽子,据说晚上戴 上睡觉 睡得安稳/暖和, 第二天你还会发现在帽 子里多了许多礼物

? Christmas stockings
小朋友 晚上 将 袜子挂 在床边,第二天早上袜 子里就会有礼物。

Christmas Color
? RED , GREEN, WHITE ? Every household decorates their homes with Christmas Colors 。
? Red: Christmas flowers and candles ? Green: Christmas trees ? Red and white : Father Christmas

圣诞祝福( Christmas Wishes)
? Merry Christmas ! 圣诞快乐!
? Hope all your Christmas dreams come true! 愿你所


? May you have the best Christmas ever. ? 愿你度过最美好的圣诞节!

圣诞花环 Christmas wreath

X’mas Gifts

?Ceremony: to send gifts between family。 ?Esp. parents send gifts to children--- the most expected events for children during the year。

X’mas food

X’mas food

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