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?In the spring of 1919, Princess Charlotte ,the royal heir of Luxembourg (卢森堡王室继承人) ,married Prince Felix of Bourbon(波旁皇族). As a member of the royal kitchen(王室后厨), Leon was busy cleaning up dishes and plates, preparing for the luxury wedding ceremony. One day, When Leon was cleaning his wounded hand caused by the daily hard-work, a young girl with clean eyes and easy smiles went into the kitchen and said:”it must hurt”.Then she helped him bandage the wound and leave Leona tube of ointment(一管药膏)before she left. Later , Leon learned that the girl he met was Princess Bazaar, the one that had

been in his heart for the rest of his life .


?Fall In Love(坠入爱河):Then, love began to grow in the two young peopleLeon and Bazaar slipped(’s hearts .Since then , into the kitchen` almost every 偷偷溜入) night,Leon made ice creams for the Princess and Bazaar taught Leon English .Together, they shared the delicious ice creams and interesting things that happened to them. Day by day, the young girl and the young boy fell in love with each other, but they had never expressed their love feelings because in a world where status and prestige meant everything, they knew their love could never be possible.So they both buried the love into the depth of their hearts .

?Misunderstanding(误解):?Unfortunately, one day Princess Bazaar was told she had been chosen to marry another Princevanished。Then , Bazaar just her anywhere until one month later (不告而别).Leon could not find Bazaar came back , looking gaunt, asked ,Leon to make ice cream for her one more time.When Leon was preparing the ice cream, he felt that it might be the only chance for him to voice his heart.So he wrote four letters "DOVE" with hot chocolate on Bazaar's favorite ice cream, believing that Bazaar could understand the meaning once she saw them. But Bazaar didnit until the hot chocolate melted.’t eat


A few days later, Bazaar married the prince and left the country. Prince Bazaar ‘s marriage broke Leon’s heart, he could not bear the pain of losing her, so he left the royal kitchen and headed to the United States in search for a peaceful life. However, a new marriage and even the birth of his son failed to heal the deep wounds of Leon's heart, he still could not forget Bazaar. His wife couldn’t tolerate her husband 's love for another woman , so she divorced him and left the family.

Meet again(重逢):


?Now all misunderstandings were cleared up. But it was too late, three days later , Bazaar passed away. So Leon thought if that chocolate did not melt and Bazaar could see the message he sent to her, then maybe she would like to elope(奔)with him .私From that time ,Leon decided to make solid chocolates,so that it could be reserved longer. After years of careful research , developed. “DOVE ”was finally ??

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