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丁克一族 Double Income and no Kids

作者:adreep 来源:互联网 时间:2013-10-11

It is Chinese traditional for someone to inherit the family line, especially for male, they have the responsibility to get marry and have children so that their family tree can continues. However, as the society develops, young people’s concept has changed, they no longer want to have child in their early twenties, some of them even don’t want it for their whole life. Those people we call dink, which mean double income and no kids. 继承香火是中国的传统,特别是对男性,他们有责任结婚生子,这样他们的家族才得以延续。然而,随着社会的发展,年轻人的观念也改变了,他们不会再想在他们二十出头的时候要孩子,有些人这一辈子都不想要孩子。这类人我们叫做丁克一族,就是说双收入,没孩子。 People who don’t agree with the dink argue that there are three forms of unfilial conduct, of which the worst is to have no descendants. In traditional Chinese thinking, when people get married, the sooner they have kids the better, and a baby boy would be excellent. To addition, parents raise you grow up just expect one thing for return: grandchildren. We should not let them fall this way.


People who support dink hold the opinion that it is their own choice to have kids or not, unfilial is nonsense. Having children is a big thing for couples. They have to taking all the pros and cons into account. Once they have kids, which mean more money spends and less time to enjoy, what’s worse, there is no possible to enjoy lovers’ world. And nursing baby is a horrible thing for them. They will try their best to convince their parents to accept that they are dink. Two people would be good enough for them.


On a whole, people have the rights to choose the life they want. We should not judge people with old beliefs. We should discard old beliefs and live the way that make us really happy.


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