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Do you need a doctor? 用叫医生吗?

Please call an ambulance. 请叫救护车。

I'd like to see a doctor. 我要看病。

I'm not feeling well. 我觉得身体不舒服。

Could you send me a doctor? 你能帮我请位医生吗? What's wrong with you? 你怎么啦?

What are your symptoms? 是什么症状?

Let me check your temperature. 量一下体温吧。

Did you eat something unusual? 吃了什么不对劲的东西没有? Let me check your blood pressure. 量一下血压吧。

Are you taking any medication regularly? 你常服用什么药? I'm not taking any medication. 我没服用任何药。

What's wrong with me? 我哪儿不好?

Is it serious? 严重吗?


Are you feeling okay? 你不舒服吗?

What's wrong? 你怎么了?

You look pale. 你的脸色真不好。

I don't feel well. 我觉得难受。

You don't look well. 你好像不太舒服。

She passed out. 她昏过去了。

I feel sick. 我觉得难受。

I have a stomachache. 我肚子疼。

I have a dull pain. 隐隐作痛。

I have a sharp pain. 钻心地疼。

I have a throbbing pain. 一跳一跳地疼。

I have a piercing pain. 我感到巨痛。

I have a stabbing pain. 像针扎似地疼。

I have diarrhea. 我拉肚子了。

I have food poisoning. 我食物中毒了。

I have high blood pressure. 血压高。

I have low blood pressure. 血压低。

I have a headache. 我头疼。

I have a toothache. 我牙疼。

I feel dizzy. 我头晕目眩。

I feel sluggish. 我浑身没劲。

I don't have any appetite. 我没有一点儿食欲。

I have a slight cold. 我有点儿感冒。

I feel chilly. 我浑身发冷。

I have a bad cold. 我得了重感冒。

I have a stuffy nose. 鼻子堵了。

I have a runny nose. 我在流鼻涕。

I have a bit of a fever. 我有点儿发烧。 I think I have a fever. 我好像发烧了。

I have a high temperature. 我在发高烧。 I feel like throwing up. 我想吐。

Ouch! 好疼!/好烫!

It's itchy. 痒痒。

Ahchoo! 啊嚏!

I broke my leg. 我腿骨折了。

How long will the cast be on? 要打多长时间石膏? I burned my hand. 我把手给烫了。

I sprained my ankle. 我崴脚了。

I caught a cold from you. 你把感冒传染给我了。 I must stay in bed. 我必须静养。

I have stiff shoulders. 我肩膀酸痛。

My eyes are tired. 我眼睛发酸。

Is somebody hurt? 有谁受伤了?

My fever has gone down. 我退烧了。

I can't stop coughing. 我咳嗽不止。

My throat's sore. 我嗓子疼。

It's bleeding. 我流血了。

I've got a cut here. 我这儿割破了。

It hurts. 好疼。

I got stung by a bee. 我被蜜蜂蜇了。 Do I need an operation? 我需要动手术吗? Will it take long? 要花很长时间吗?

Can I take a bath? 我可以洗澡吗?

Is it okay to drink? 我可以喝酒吗?

Should I be hospitalized? 我一定要住院吗? Do you have a fever? 你发烧吗?

I feel better. 我觉得好多了。

I don't feel any better. 我觉得没什么好转。 Are you alright again? 你的病好了吗? He passed away. 他去世了。

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