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What’s your name?

Hello, everyone. My name is


What’s your name?

A student:

My name is


Popular first names
Helen’s List of favourite names For males: Matthew James David For females: Sarah (Sara) Helen Lisa

You can make your own favourite name lists.

Introduce Yourself
I’m a teacher.
You’re a student.

(I’m = I am)
(You’re = You are)




She’s = She is What’s = What is

A: What’s her name?

B: Her name is


What’s her name?

He’s = He is

A: What’s his name?

B: His name is


He’s a boy. What’s his name?

Lyrics: What’s your name? What’s your name? What’s your name? My name is… My name is…

My name is…
Nice to meet you.

Listen to a Conversation
Names in the conversation: 1. What’s the boy’s name? Michael Geller, Michael Parker, Mike Green

2. What’s the girl’s name? Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Yang

A: What’s your full name? B: My full name is James Allan Green.
James A. Green
James Allan Green

first name

middle name

last name

Goals: 1) Tell us your name and the city you are from. (Self-introduction) 2) Find out your partners’ names. And write them down.

1. My name is…/ I’m … 2. I’m from…. 3. It’s nice to meet you. 4. What’s your name? 5. What’s your name again? 6. How do you spell your first/ last name?

Summary of the Day
1. What’s your name? My name is…/ I’m… 2. What’s her name? Her name is… 3. What’s his name? His name is… 4. What’s your full name? first name, middle name, last name

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