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On the shoulders of Hero

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On the shoulders of Hero

Para4 Line1 abrupt Para4 Line1 strip Para5 Line7 magical Para5 Line7 landscape Para6 Line2 perspective Para6 Line4 shortcoming Para7 Line4 instability Para8 Line7 resistance 突然


角度 缺点 不稳定 抵抗

Para9 Line1 caution Para10 Line3 corporation Para11 Line2 predictable Para13 Line3 foundation Para13 Line4 individual Para13 Line4 scatter Para13 Line5 reunion Para14 Line2 separate 谨慎 大公司 可预言的 创建 个人 散开 团圆 Para15 Line2 deliberately 故意 Para19 Line5 security 保护


? With his passing,I was abruptly stripped of any illusions about my own immortality:no longer might I comfort myself with the thought that he was in line ahead of me. Para4 Line1
伴随着他的离去,我突然除去 对于自己不朽的任何幻想:冥 想着他在前方,也许过不了多 久,就会舒服一点。

? "I can't see,"my father said,but he walked on neverthless,a blind hero making his way with me on his back through a strange, magical landscape of untrodden snow. Para5 Line5
“我看不见”爸爸说,但 是他走的义无反顾,一个 看不见的英雄载着我在他 的背上,闯过一个陌生的 未被踩踏过的土地。

? He launched into a speech about the instability of such a career:"The odds are you'd wind up holding a tin cup on the corner." Para7 Line3 他对于这个不稳定的职业大 发议论,在这个职业你要取 得成功的可能性,就像是活 在一个不起眼的角落拿着一 个小杯子。

? We stood toe-to-toe,and I held up my fist and glared at him trembling,and said the issue was settled unless he wanted to fight. 我们面对面站着,我握 紧我的拳头,看着他颤 抖,说“除非你想打架 不然这事情就这样定 了。”
Para8 Line3

? The red fury drained from his face,and he turned,shoulders slumped, to walk away.
Para8 Line5

红色的 愤怒充 斥着他的 脸,他转身,肩膀垂下, 离开了。

This article with the simple statement describes a sincerce father who express deep love to his son. The author wanted to be an actor, but his father wanted him to become a writer, the author thought his father didn't understand and respect him. When he grew up, the author thought himself more suitble to be a writer.But the author's father died, he stayed in his father's house,thinking hard and deep.He found his father had collected all his posters and magzines when he was an actor by accident.At this time, the author realized that his father was care about him and love him.


? Father's love is so deep and strong, it often hidden in the details of our life . Maybe you don't understand, but it really affect you, and protect you grow up. Let us enjoy our father's love together.


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