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The photo presents us with an encouraging scene - regardless of hardships and dangers, a man keeps climbing, longing for the moment of reaching the top of the mountain. It is obvious that by this picture the photographer endeavors to show people the value of braveness, courage, and, above all, perseverance!

Indeed, as the photograph tells us, success, to a large extent, is rooted in persistence. Or, put it another way, one, at least once in life, may be caught in dilemma - occasionally the most difficult situation in his life, and then there are two choices before him: persisting in the goal or giving it up. If he chooses the former and tries to break through the barrier, difficult as it will be, success will be the result one day. On the contrary, the latter choice may kill off his dream and ambition and lead to a pity in the rest of his life, although such choice seems to much easier for him at the moment.

As college students, definitely, we are facing or will face such difficult choices. At such moment, we should bear in mind that persistence is a mirror of one’s will, a quality, a positive attitude toward life and an approach to success. Stay with the goal, and we will win a better life.

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