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English Fairy Tale Story Reading Competition

(10 points for one story)

Class _________ Name __________

Hello, Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our fairy tales’ world(童话世界). We think you will have a good time and enjoy our stories, and wish you a successful job. Please be careful when you are reading. Let’s begin…….

Story One


Once there lived a kind and lovely girl. After her father’s death, her stepmother(继母) became cruel(残暴的) to her. Her two step-sisters teased (取笑)her, asking her to do all the housework. cruel as her stepmother was to her, Cinderella still lived as optimistic(乐观的).She had a lot of animal friends

One day, the king held a party for the prince(王子) to choose the girl he loved. Every maid(少女) in the town was invited to the party. The stepmother took her two daughters to the party leaving Cinderella at home, because she was jealous(妒忌) of Cinderella’s beauty. Cinderella was broken-hearted. At that time, her fairy godmother(恩人) appeared. Cinderella put on the glass shoes to the party. At the party, Cinderella danced with the prince all the time. It was almost midnight, Cinderella ran away without a shoe. Finally, the prince found Cinderella, they held a grand wedding and they had a happy life from then on.

Choose the best answer

( ) 1. What do you think of Cinderella?

A. Kind and lovely B. Cruel C. Optimistic D. Both A and C ( ) 2. Cinderella’s step-sisters asked Cinderella to do________

A. all the homework B. all the housework C. nothing D. all the work ( ) 3. The king held a party for the prince to__________

A. choose a daughter B choose a. boy C. choose a son D. choose a girl ( ) 4. Who helped Cinderella go to the party?

A. Her mother B. Her friends C. Fairy godmother. D. Her stepmother ( ) 5. Cinderella and prince ____________and had a happy life.

A. had a good time B. had a birthday party. C .had a grand wedding D. had a party

Story Two


A very long time ago there lived a queen who had a beautiful daughter named Snow-white. When the girl was very young, her mother died. Then the king married another queen who was a witch(巫婆) in fact.

The queen often asked the magic mirror(魔镜) “Which is the most beautiful woman?” The magic mirror used to answer, “You’re the prettiest.(最美)”When Snow-white was still in her childhood, everything went well.

Then Snow-white grew up. One day, the queen asked the magic mirror once more, “Who is the most beautiful?” The magic mirror answered, “Snow-white is the most beautiful girl.” The queen got very angry and ordered a hunter to kill Snow-white. The hunter felt such a pity for the girl that he gave a deer heart to the queen and told her that he had killed the princess.(公主)

Snow-white found a small house in the forest. There were seven beds in the house. She put the small beds together and slept on them. Later, the owners of the house, the Lilliputians (小矮人)came home. After the princess told the Lilliputians about her experience, the Lilliputians decided to protect her.

The queen got to know what had happened in the forest and was extremely(极其) angry. She vowed(誓言) to put the princess to death. She was dressed up as an old farmer’s wife and wanted the princess to eat an apple, half of which was poisonous. And Snow-white Princess died.

When the Lilliputians found the princess dead, they put her body into a glass coffin(棺材).No sooner a prince who rode a white house saw Snow-white ,then he began to live her. He took the apple out of the girl’s mouth. The princess opened her eyes. The prince and the princess had their wedding, but the queen died of illness.

Choose the best answer

( ) 6. A queen had a beautiful daughter named________

A. Snow-write B. Snow-white C. Write-snow D. White-snow ( ) 7. Who was the prettiest when Snow-white was still in her childhood.

A. Snow-white B. The king C. The witch queen D. The Lilliputians ( ) 8. Why did the witch queen order the hunter to kill Snow-white?

A. Because the magic mirror said that the queen was the prettiest. B. Because the magic mirror said that Snow-white was the prettiest. C. Because the magic mirror said that the hunter loved Snow-white.

D. Because the magic mirror said that Snow-white didn’t love the queen. ( ) 9. There were ________Lilliputians in the house.

A. six B. two C. ten D. seven


( ) 10._________ lived Snow-white.

A. The witch queen B. The Lilliputians C. The king D. A prince

Story Three

Wishes (祝愿)

A long time ago and far away there lived a king and a queen. They were very happy, for their first child, a girl had been born. “We must have a grand christening(洗礼仪式) for her.” said the king, who was delighted(高兴) to have a daughter. We must invite all the fairies(神仙) of the kingdom to bless her.” said the queen. “How many are there now? asked the king. “twelve or thirteen,” said his wife. “Send the invitations, Well soon find out.

There were twelve fairies, and they were all sent invitations.

The day was sunny and bright. The princess was named Brian Rose and the fairies began to give their gifts.

“She shall be beautiful.” said the first. “She shall be wise.” said the second. “She shall be good.” said the third. “She shall be kind.” said the fourth. The princess had twelve wishes.

Choose the best answer

( ) 11. The king’s ________child was a girl.

A. first B. second C. third D. fourth

( ) 12. The king and the queen were delighted so they wanted to ___________

A. have a good party B. have a grand christening C. have a good rest D. have a good time

( ) 13. They invited twelve _________to bless the princess. A. farmers B fairies C. fathers D. friends ( ) 14. What was the weather like on that day?

A. Windy B. Snowy C. Sunny D. Rainy ( ) 15. The first wish for Brian Rose was_________

A. She should be wise. B. She should be beautiful C. She should be kind D. She should be good

Story Four

A Rich Man Begging For A Goat(富人讨羊)

There was once a rich man in the state of Chu(楚国) who kept ninety-nine goats in his house. He had always wanted to add an extra goat to make it a hundred. so he visited

every town and village, asking for help from his relatives and others.

There was a poor man in the neighbourhood who had only one goat in his house. The rich man visited him and pleaded(请求), “I already have ninety-nine goats. Now if you give me yours, I can make it a hundred.”

Choose the best answer

( ) 16. The story happened _____________

A. in the state of Wei B. in the state of Chu C. in the state of Qin D. in the state of Yan ( ) 17. The rich man kept____________

A. ninety goats B. ninety-nine sheep C. ninety houses D. ninety-nine goats ( ) 18. The rich man wanted to add an extra goat to__________ A. make it a thousand

B. make it ninety-nine C. make it a hundred D. make it ninety

( ) 19. Who had only one goat in his house?

A. The rich man B. The rich man’s relatives

C. A poor man living far away from the rich man D. A poor man living near the rich man

( ) 20. What did the rich man do at last?

A. He pleaded the poor man to give the only goat to him. B. He gave all the goats to the poor man. C. He gave one goat to the poor man D. He killed the goat.

Story Five

Two Brothers (两兄弟)

Once upon a time, two brothers were engaged(从事) in the farming business.

One year, the siblings(同胞) decided to join forces(力量) in a paddy(水稻田)-growing effort. Every day, the brothers woke up early to work hard in the field. Finally, the harvesting season arrived.

The siblings started to discuss how they would share the crop. The elder brother said, “I’ll take the upper(上) part, you can take the lower(下) part.”

The younger brother was taken aback as he felt that it was unfair(不公平). He protested against(反对) such a method (方法)of sharing.

Then the elder brother said, “No problem. Next year, you can take the upper part and I’ll take the lower part. Wouldn’t it be fair?”

The younger one had no choice but to follow what his brother suggested(建议).


The following year, when the younger brother pushed the elder brother to sow(播种) the seeds, the latter said, “Let’s plant taros(芋头) this year!

Choose the best answer

( ) 21. Two brothers were engaged__________

A. in the business B. in the farming business C. in the flower business D. on the farming business ( ) 22. What did the siblings do one year?

A. They planted trees together B. They lived together

C. They decided to join forces in a paddy-growing effort D. They played in the field.

( ) 23. How would they share the crop?

A. The elder brother would take the upper part and the younger one would take the lower part.

B. The elder brother would take the lower part and the younger one would take the upper part.

C. They decided to have a half each

D. The elder brother would take all the crop.

( ) 24. The younger brother felt that________________

A. the method of sharing was fair B. the method of sharing was unfair

C. the method of sharing was good D. he had choice to follow the suggestion ( ) 25. What did they plant the following year?

A. Crop B. Taros C. Trees D. Seeds Story Six

A Pair Of Shoes(一双鞋)

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who were very poor indeed.

One day, they decided to share the cost of a pair of shoes. Both of them agreed that the elder brother would wear the shoes in the daytime while the younger brother would use the shoes at night.

During the daytime, the elder brother wandered around (到处跑)with the shoes. He thought that only walking around in this pair of shoes for the whole day would make it worth(值) his share.

At night, the younger brother took his turn. Just like his brother, he thought he should make full use of the shoes too. So from dusk(傍晚) till dawn(黎明), the younger brother wandered around in the shoes, without sleeping or stopping for a while. Not surprisingly(毫不惊讶), he soon fell ill.

And the pair of shoes, used continuously(继续) by the two brothers, was worn out

very quickly.

The elder brother suggested buying another pair of new shoes, but the younger brother said, “Brother, you may buy the shoes for yourself. I prefer to walk barefoot (光脚))and be able to sleep at night.”

True (T) or false (F)

( ) 26. there were two brothers who were very rich .

( ) 27. During the daytime, the elder brother wandered around with the shoes. ( ) 28. At night, the elder brother took his turn. ( ) 29. The two brother all fell ill.

( ) 30. The younger brother preferred to walk barefoot and wasn’t able to sleep at night.”

Story Seven

The Hungry Wolf That Waited(饿狼的一夜)

One night, a hungry wolf wandered(游荡) into the backyard of a farmer’s house. He went around the place quietly, hoping to find something to eat.

Suddenly he heard the cry of a little girl from the house and the girl’s mother yelling(大喊), “Stop it! If you cry again, I’ll let the wolf in to eat you!”

The little girl kept on crying. The wolf was delighted高兴). He trusted(相信) the woman’s words and he waited patiently(耐心) outside. Until midnight, the little girl kept on sobbing(抽泣) but the mother did not open the door to let the wolf in. The wolf continued waiting.

Eventually, the little girl stopped her sobbing and the mother soothed(安慰) her daughter, saying, “You should stay quiet now and be a good girl. If the wolf comes I’ll kill him.” On hearing this, the wolf quickly fled(逃走) for his life.

When the wolf ran back to his cave(洞), the female wolf asked, “Why do you look so tired and hungry. Where have you been?”

The wolf said, “Not a word any more(别提了)! I was cheated (欺骗)by a woman’s words!”

True (T) or false (F)

( ) 31. A hungry wolf wandered into the backyard of my father’s house. ( ) 32. The girl’s mother wanted the wolf to eat the girl.

( ) 33. The little girl kept on crying though her mother asked her to stop

( ) 34. When the wolf ran back to his cave, the female wolf asked something about it. ( ) 35. The wolf was cheated by a woman’s words.


Story Eight

The Three-year-old Man(三岁的老人)

One day, a king went out of his palace(宫殿) to look around the countryside. He met an old man who was busy planting some trees.

The king asked. “How old are you now? Why are you here doing such hard work?” The old man answered, “Your Majesty(陛下), I’m only three years old.”

The king was taken aback(惊讶) by his reply. He said,” Nonsense(胡说)! You look at least eighty years old!”

The old man said, “Your Majesty, you are actually(确实) right! However, in my eighty years of life, I have wasted(浪费) seventy-seven years without doing anything worthwhile except to eat, drink and have fun. Only lately, in the last(最近) three years, I have realized that in life, one should do something for others. However, I do not have any money now. What I can do is to plant some trees, hoping to let others enjoy the shade(荫) and then the fruits later on. Therefore, I said I am only three years old because I have wasted the earlier years.’”

The king was impressed(感动) by the old man’s present attitude to life. He promised (答应)to send him some help from the palace for his commitment(承诺).

True (T) or false (F)

( ) 36. The men was only three years old.

( ) 37. A king met an old man who was busy planting some trees. ( ) 38. The king agreed with his reply.

( ) 39. The old man said he was only three years old because he had wasted the earlier years.’”

( ) 40. The king was impressed by the old man’s present attitude to life.

Story Nine

It Tastes Delicious(味道好极了)

Once there was a fool who was invited to a friend’s house for a meal. His friend asked him how he felt about the dishes. He shook(摇) his head and said, “Tasteless!”

The host()主人) brought in the salt jar(罐) and added a pinch(一撮) of salt to every dish.

The foolish man tasted the food again and said, “Delicious! What did you add?” “Just a pinch of salt,” answered the host.

On his way home, the foolish man thought, “When the food does not taste good, a little bit of salt will make it better. If I were to add more, it would taste even better!”

When the foolish man went home, he took out the salt jar, and added salt to every dish that his family had prepared for him. He thought to himself, “Now dinner will certainly be delicious!”

He promptly(迅速) took a big mouthful of food. It was so salty that he threw(吐) up instantly.(全部)

True (T) or false (F)

( ) 41. A fool liked the food first.

( ) 42. The host brought in the salt jar and gave the salt to the fool. ( ) 43. The host added a pinch of salt to every dish to make it delicious.

( ) 44. The fool took out the salt jar and added much salt to every dish that his family had prepared for him.

( ) 45. It was so salty that he ate up instantly.

Story Ten

The Judge And The Thief(法官和小偷)

There was once a man who lost his pouch(钱袋) and he asked for help from the judge.

“Your Honour,” he said, “someone has stolen my pouch. There are many dwellers(房客) in my house but I do mot know who the guilty(有罪的) one is,”

After a while, the judge said, “Call all your housemates here, and I shall find out who the thief is.”

Later on, all of them appeared before the judge who said, “Now, I have some magic sticks(魔棒). Each stick is of the same length(长度). Everyone here will be given one stick. Bring them back to me tomorrow morning. Only the thief’s stick will grow longer by a fingers length.”

Frightened(害怕), the thief tried to think of a way to cover up his theft(罪行). Finally he found a solution-he cut the stick shouter(截短) by exactly a finger’s length.

“When it grows in the night, it will be the same length as the others,” He thought, proud of his brilliant(明智) plan.

The next morning, when everyone gathered in front of the judge, the length of sticks in their hands remained(保留) the same except the thief’s! His was shorter by a finger’s length. The judge pointed at him and declared(宣布), “It’s you who had stolen the money!”

True (T) or false (F)

( ) 46. A man lost his pouch and he asked for help from the judge. ( ) 47. The judge said that everyone had a magic stick. ( ) 48. The thief’s stick grew longer during the night. ( ) 49. The next morning, the thief left.

( ) 50. The judge found the one who had stolen the money.


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