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地理 入门级

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地理 入门级 (think and discuss..)

1) What can a diver see? starfish,coral(珊瑚), shipwreck(遇难船),seal 2) Look at the tree.

Roots,trunk,bark,branches, Leaves,flowers,tree 3)Hot and cold

Muffins(松饼),salad,vegetables, Milkshake(奶昔),cocoa,

Cornflakes(玉米片),Oatmeal(燕麦片) 4) Making a hat

Sissors,stapler(订书机),tape 5) Where are they going?

Go by train,ferry(渡船),bicycle,walk 6) What lives in a swamp(沼泽地)? Frog,bug,snake,turtle,fish,bird 7) What are toys made of? Wood,plastic,metal,paper,cloth 8) This tractor(拖拉机)has big wheels Truck,scooter(滑板车),skateboards 9) Shopping with Dad Card store,grocery(杂货店) 10)Plants and Animals Live Here Desert,plain,mountain,forest,wetland 11)The Baby Shark

Eyes to see,tail to swim,fins to swim,

Gills to breathe(呼吸),mouth to eat 12)When the rain comes Look for Shelter,spider,lizard, 13)What things are made of wood? Blocks,puzzle,talbe and chair Where does wood come from? 14)The Little Panda

Panda,climb,walk,forest,eat,leave,grown 15)This Is an Island

Waterfall,mountain,forest,beach, 16)Now and Then

Cook,people,food,clothes,travel 17)Making Raisins

Raisins,grapes,rack,jar,sun,dry-dries 18)My friend and I

Breakfast,cereal,reading,painting 19)bricks,woods and stones Bricks,clay,ground,stones, 20)Come to my party

Invite,e-mail,card,letter,cell phone 21)You can make a Pom-pom Cards,yarn,scissors,rings, 22)some things float Float,sink,toy,rock, 23)What Did They Drive? Great,long ago,horse,buggy, 24)New clothes


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