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Three Little Pigs 三只小猪

Storyteller: There are three little pigs living with 讲故事者:三只小猪和他们的妈妈

their mother. Ding-Ding and Dong- 住在一起。丁丁和东东

Dong are brother pigs. They are very 是猪哥哥,他们很懒,他 Lazy. They eat and sleep all day. 们整天吃了就睡。龙龙是

Long-Long is the sister pig. She 猪妹妹,她整天帮着妈妈

works all day. She helps her mother 做家务。

to do the housework.

Mother pig: I’m so old . I can’t keep you any more. 猪妈妈 : 妈妈年纪大了 保护不了你们了。

Now, it’s time for you to go outside. Make sure you won’t be eaten by that Big Bad Wolf, will you?你们要去自己闯荡了。确保你们不要被大恶狼吃掉。

Together: Yeah

Mother pig: You have grown up. You must make 猪妈妈:你们已经长大了,你们得

your own houses. 为自己盖间房。

Goodbye, little pigs. Build a house. 再见,孩子们。去盖间房。 Be careful of the wolf. 小心狼。

Pigs: Yes, Mum. Goodbye. 三只小猪:好的,妈妈。再见。

Wolf: I’m hungry. Look! Three little pigs 狼:我饿了。看,三只小猪可 for dinner. Mmm. 以做我的美餐。

Sister pig: What are you doing, brothers? 猪妹妹:哥哥,你们在干什么?

Ding-Ding: I’m building a house with leaves. 丁丁:我在用树叶盖房子。

Dong-Dong: I’m building a house with sticks. 东东:我在用树枝盖房子。

Sister pig: But leaves aren’t strong. 猪妹妹:可是树叶不牢固。树枝也不

And sticks aren’t strong. 牢固。

Brother pigs: Yes, we know. But it’s easy. 猪哥哥:我们知道。但它很容易。

What are you doing, sister? 你在干什么?

Sister pig: I’m building a house with bricks. 猪妹妹:我在用砖头盖房子。

Brother pigs: Bricks! That’s very difficult. 猪哥哥:用砖头盖,那太难了。

Sister pig: I know. But bricks are strong. 猪妹妹:我知道,可是砖头很坚固。


Brother pigs: Oh, we’re finished. Let’s have 猪哥哥:噢,我们盖好了。我们打

a nap. 个盹吧。

Sister pig: My house is finished. My house 猪妹妹:我的房子盖好了,我的房

is strong. 很坚固。

Wolf: Little pigs. Little pigs. Open your 狼: 小猪,小猪,快开门! Doors!

Brother pigs: No. No. Go away. 猪哥哥:不开,不开。快走开。

Wolf: This is very easy. Sticks and leaves 狼:这太容易了。树枝和树叶 aren’t strong. 都不牢固。

Storyteller: The wolf blows the houses down. 讲故事者:狼吹倒了房屋。丁丁和东

Ding-Ding and Dong-Dong run 东跑到龙龙家。

to Long-Long’s house.

Brother pigs: Help! Help! 猪哥哥:救命! 救命!

Wolf: Stop, you two pigs. 狼: 站住,你这两只小猪。

Brother pigs: Open the door, sister. The wolf 猪哥哥:妹妹,快开门。狼来了,

is coming. Let me in. 让我们进去。

Long-Long: Come in, please. Don’t worry. 龙龙:快进来。别担心,我的

My house is strong. 房子很坚固。

Wolf: Where did they go? Oh they are 狼:他们跑哪儿了?噢,他们 Here. Little pigs. Little pigs. Open 在这儿。小猪,快把门打 the door! 开。

Three pigs: No. No. Go away. You bad wolf. 三只小猪:不开,不开。快走开。


Wolf: I’ll blow it down. 狼:我要吹倒它。

Storyteller: The wolf blows and blows. He 讲故事者:狼吹呀吹,它不停地吹。

blows and blows. But the house 可是房子非常坚固。

is very strong.

Wolf: I’ll hit it. Oh. 狼:我要撞倒它。噢!

Long-Long: Let’s boil the water. 龙龙:我们把水烧开。

Brother pigs: OK. 猪哥哥:好的。

Wolf: Oh, oh! It’s hot. It’s hot. 狼:噢!噢!好烫,好烫。

Three pigs: Hooray! The wolf is dead. The 三只小猪:好啊!狼死了,狼死了。wolf is dead

Storyteller: Since then, Ding-Ding and Dong- 讲故事者:从那以后,丁丁、东东

Dong work hard with Long-Long. 和龙龙一起努力工作。

They work and play together. 他们一起工作,一起玩。

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