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Yea h, I thin k you do!

We all were children we are our mother’s baby
Innocent(天真), lovely, fantasy(幻想), activity, adventure, the desire for all things. Of course, we also had some strange “first time”!!!

First kiss: strange taste…

First eating meat: vegetable since it is more

T he first fa ce of so m a ny fa ns: D o not it! ! ! !

For the first time listening to music with headphones (耳机)

The first to do body painting(人 体彩绘): Art is so easy!!!

The first took to the streets: in fact I still sleepy

T he first cry so sa d: Life is difficult...

For the first time to eat: really good!

First saw the beautiful MM: general, when my heart(心动 ), there are always gestures finger、(手上 的小动作)

First time drunk(喝多了)

T he first dre a m a girl: T ha t w a rm fe e ling

The first time for brand endorsement(品牌代言)

T he first w orry a bout

The first call

Saw his first to be pirated(盗版)

The first time to be a hamburger

T h e firs t tim e in a b a th : I w a s th in k in g th is w a y , a fte r g ro w in g u p , a n d c e rta in ly n o c h a n c e to

The first time can not help

So many first time " reminds me of my childhood, what about you?

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