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一. 看图填字母

二. 看图填单词

1There three cameras 2How many squares in the pictures? 3 there six spoons 4There salad in the bowl 5There five on the table 6 there juice in the galss?


1 There three boys in the room.

Is are have

2 there a pencil on the desk?

Is are have

3There are many birds the sky

In on under

4 How ducks are there in the pond?

Are many old

5 How many are there in the pictures?

Triangle trangles circle

6 There is some fish

Under the plate on the plate in the plate

7 Is there soup in the bowl?

Any some x

8 Do you like rice or ?

Bread breads milks

9There are two ducks the pond.

On in under

10 there a book under the table.

Is are have


1 there are two ball under the table

2 how many bikes is there under the tree

3 there are four birds on the tree.

4 Is there two dolls on the bed?

5 Is there any water in the glass? No, there is .

五, 看图回答问题

1are there five pencils on the desk/

2How many circle are there in the picture?

3 Is there any tea in the cup?

4 Do you like tea or juice?

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