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Do not underestimate the power of humor, sometimes it may help you through many difficulties. 首先,幽默感有助于一个人的身体健康。有幽默感的人,心胸开阔,不为挫折和困难苦恼, 有利于身体的健康。我们知道,要想获得成功,就必须付出艰苦的劳动,要长期承受这种辛 苦的劳作,没有一个好身体是万万不能的。幽默会在这方面帮助你。有的名人甚至靠着幽默 治好了疾病,使自己的事业层现辉煌!

First of all, a sense of humor is good for the physical health. The people who have a sense of humor,open-minded,and not distressed for the difficulties and setbacks, is good for the health too. We know, if you want to be successful, you must work hard,but it is absolutely not to bear this hard work without a good body. Humor will help you in this respect. Some celebrities even cure diseases by humor, so that their business is brilliant!

其次,幽默感会使你建立一种良好的人际关系。在现代社会,个人事业的成功必须要借助众 人之力,无疑,幽默感会增强你的人际吸引力。因为你懂得幽默,大家就喜欢接近你,愿意 了解你,你也就容易被人理解。而且,在你遇到困难时,别人愿帮助你,而不是离你而去。 Secondly, a sense of humor will help you to establish a good interpersonal relationship. In the modern society, personal career’s success must resort to public power, there is no doubt that, a sense of humor can enhance the interpersonal attraction of you. Because you understand humor, people would like to close to you to know you, and you will easily be understood. Furthermore, when you are in trouble, others may help you, rather than away from you.

再次,幽默感会增强你斗争的力量和风度。无论是对敌手还是对困难的斗争,都是严肃的、 高度紧张的。而幽默感会化解这种紧张情绪,增强你的斗争的柔韧性,使你保持一种轻松平 和的心态。在某些公开场合的正面交锋中,幽默还会令你大放光彩,赢得听众的支持和喜爱 。 Third,a sense of humor will enhance your fighting strength and grace. Regardless of the opponent or the difficult struggle, are serious, and intense. But the sense of humor will resolve this tension, enhance your fight flexibility, help you to maintain a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.In some public occasions, humor will make you shine, and win the audience's support and love. 所以,当你遇到困难时,试着展现出你幽默的一面,这将帮助你度过难关。

So, when you encounter difficulties, try to show your fun side, which will help you through.

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