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sealed with a kiss (2)

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Sealed With a kiss(3)

_________ we gotta say goodbye for the summer

Darling, I ___________ you this I' ll send you all my love

every day _____ a letter

Sealed __________ a kiss Yes, it's gonna be

A cold lonely summer

But I'll fill the ___________ I'll send you all my ________ Every day in a ________ Sealed with a kiss

I'll see you in the __________

I'll hear your ________ everywhere I'll ______ to tenderly ________ you But darling, you won't _______ there I _________ wanna say goodbye for the summer

_________ the love we'll miss Oh, let us make it a __________ ____ meet _____ September And sealed with a kiss

Yes it's ________ be

A cold ________ summer But I'll fill the emptiness

I'll send you _______my ______ every day in a letter

Sealed with a kiss

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