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The film “Big Fish” is one of my favorite movies. Every time I watch it I am touched by its fantastic and beautiful story. Now let’s get into the world of the Big Fish.

The protagonist is a father named Ed who has a legendary life in the film. In his early time, the town which he lived was threatened by a giant and people was afraid. Ed had a big ambition and he came forward to fight with the giant.

Very soon Ed found the giant who named Carl and attempted to communicate with him. He suggested Carl to leave the town with him and search for the big city together.

Carl listened to Ed carefully and thought for a while. Then he agreed with Ed’s idea.

Ed successfully accomplished the mission and all the people in the town came to brush him off.

On their way to the big city Ed and Carl found a fork which is unknown to anybody. So great decision Ed had to find out the end of branch road that he separated from Carl and made an appointment to get together next day.

It is a road which is very difficult to go through but Ed came along to defeat it.

At last Ed found a beautiful town with many friendly people. Ed had a good time with them but it’s time to leave. He had to meet Carl next day and continued his journey.

Ed and Carl got together and they came to a circus troupe where Ed found a girl who was beating his heart.

Ed couldn’t say a word to the girl and felt very sad. The circus owner said that if Ed would like to work in the circus, he would told him everything about the girl.

Ed began to work in the circus and every month he heard one thing about the girl from the circus owner. Then two years passed and Ed it’s time to meet the girl for he had known almost everything about her.

The circus owner told Ed the girl’s address and finally Ed found the girl.

The girl who named Sandra had been engaged with somebody else and she refuse Ed’s offer of marriage. But Ed didn’t gave up.

Ed try his best to collect daffodils and he wouldn’t let slip every place which had daffodils in American.

The sincere love is the best way to capture a girl’s heart.

After a lot of trouble, they finally become together.

When Ed return to the beautiful down he was surprised by what he had seen. The down was in economic depression and people in the town got into trouble.

So Ed began to change the town by his special way. And he asked many people he known to help him.

At last, the town refreshed just like a new village.

Nearly the end of the story, Ed was very old and dying.

Ed’s son whose name is Will at first couldn’t understand his father and didn’t talk to him for three years.

Now Will thought his father is the most important person in his life and he would like to make his father’s last dream come true.

In the end, many people who known Ed came to say goodbye.

They are also very important in Ed’s story and make the story more appealing.

Will and Ed came to the lake where the big fish had ever exist

ed. And finally his father became the big fish.

This is the story of Big Fish and I wish you will enjoy it !

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