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Baby Trike

Quick Information:

Type: Baby Trike

Style: Ride on Toy

Power: Ride by self

Place of Origin: HanDan/China

Brand Name: XiaoGazi

Model: Order Online

Product Detail:

Each head style has all kinds of colors.

1.The music from the head can make the baby feel at ease.

2. It is a dual-purpose vehicle. When the baby gets older, you can remove the footcare to let him tread on. 3. There is a sun shed protect baby from the heavy sunshine.

4. There is a safety fence beneath the seat to let your baby ride safer ,which followed by a storage basket. It can be placed with some baby items.

5.The push bar can allow both the children and the direction to be controlled.Your action is at ease. Tricycle maintenance:

1. Vehicle cleaning methods: Clean with a soft, dry cloth, but not use car wax, let alone with water because it will corrode steel resulting in shortened life of the vehicle.

2. Storage of the vehicle : This product should not be placed high, near or humid environments and it should be kept covered.

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