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Lesson plan


Name: Timesst Date:_2013,12,07______ ⅠLesson tape: New Lesson

ⅡContents: 新课内容

O.E. Are you hungry? Yes , I am . I want you eat some bread.

Text: The elephant rushes out. He throws him into the river.Whoops! He can’t swim.

Words : hungry eat bread throw swim

Ⅲ Key structures &words:

①掌握Are you .... 句型的答句是 Yes , I am.

②I want to eat --.


Ⅳ Difficult points:难点

①throws 发音

②I want to eat .....

③He throws him into the river.长句输出

Ⅴ Teaching procedure:教学步骤

StepⅠ Review Oral English 复习口语

①Greeting?hello song

②Warming up (walking song)

③eyes ,eyes ,chua,chua ,chua

④farn is so much fan 通过模仿小动物的声音复习小动物的单词(cat dog pig duck chicken cow ) 复习句型: Is it a ....? Yes , it is . No, it isn’t.

⑤Review:father mother sister grandmother grandfather .

复习句型:He is .... She is ....... It’s me.

Step Ⅱ New OE 新口语内容

①T Act as a Lazy and says “Oh , I am hungry. “ and act as a bee,and says “ Are you hungry ?” and act as a fly and says “ yes ,I want to eat some honey” and bee says :’eat” Fly:”oh ,thank you .” Bee:”not at all”. Fly:” Good bye.” ② let students watch the flash.

③T Are you hungry? 操练 high and low voice

④T Yes , I am. 操练 大气神比赛

⑤Output;S act as animals.

⑥song ; Are you hungry?

⑦cookies bread cake, food input, use the sentence of “I want to eat some .....’ Game: go to the supermarket

⑧ song ;Are you hungry?

⑨Role play( S1 acts a bee asks: “Are you hungry?” S2: Yes ,I am. I want eat some brad)

Step Ⅱ Text

Review the text

① Warming up

②Perform together(B-2)

③T tell the story of <Little lamb And Wolf>

Step Ⅲ New text

①T show the headgears of lamb/cat/dog/horse/elephant and ask Ss : “...rushes out ” 重点操练 The elephant rushes out.

② input “ He throws him into the river.” 动画输入

③ 定音 throws 操练 bomb game 定音He throws him 操练 bomb game ④ 定音 into the river 操练 passer the flower 整句操练 hide and Seek ⑤He can’t swim. 图片输入 show them picture duck and ask “ Can you swim?” Ss ; “Yes ,I can.” Show them picture wolf and ask “ Can you swim?” Ss; “No,I can’t” T; He can’t swim.

⑥定音 He can’t swim. Check one by one 操练 剪刀石头布

⑦Role play ;play together, 戴头饰表演

Step Ⅳ Words world: ①Tell T the cards

②Read after T(T show the words)

③Post man

④Which word is missing

⑤Little teacher

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