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家长喜欢给宝宝最好的,越大越好,银子越重越好,其实不然。挑选时注意银饰品的重量,宝宝太小可不能承受太多的重量,一般给宝宝都会买手镯或是 长命锁,手镯的重量最好在20克左右,如果加铃铛也不要超过26克,长命锁一般在20克左右,在实体店购买时一定要称一下,如果是网购哪要看清情况介绍。





根据今年5月1日开始实施的国家强制性标准《饰品有害元素限量的规定》:儿童首饰中铅的总含量应小于或等于300m g/kg,而其他首饰铅的总含量应小于或等于1000m g/kg;同时还要求在标识中明示儿童首饰。







2 How to choose the baby silver ornament? Don't buy too heavy; Pay attention to lead paint; When choosing bracelet with cook's circle, try to choose.

Buy children gift for yourself or a friend's baby, silver are very popular. How to choose silver ornament?

1. Don't buy too heavy

Parents like to give the baby the best, the www.cdsycg.com bigger the better, the heavier of silver, the better, it's not. Notice when choosing the weight of the silver ornament, the baby is too small coke can't bear too much weight, baby will buy bracelets or

ChangMingSuo commonly, the weight of the bracelet is best at 20 grams, if add bell also not more than 26 grams, ChangMingSuo generally at about 20 grams, must weigh in a physical store to buy, if it is online to see which was introduced.

2. With red string with silver chain

When choosing ChangMingSuo preferably with silver chain, don't match the general red rope, because baby easily into his mouth suck, if the rope is easy to fade or broken, it's not safe. In addition, more unified distribution chain color look better, and more and more rich, if there is a face away.

3. Pay attention to lead paint

Some silver ornaments on market, beware of lead. High difficulty of harmful substances from the material, some accessories manufacturers to reduce costs, there would be no for these projects. These harmful material is hard www.jnhshr.com to row out of the body, and the baby close-fitting wear this jewelry after a long time even can cause blood lead and other serious consequences.

On May 1, according to this year began to implement the national mandatory standard of "the regulation of set limit to" act the role ofing is tasted harmful elements: the total content of lead in children's jewelry should be less than or equal to 300 m g/kg, and other jewelry total lead content should be less than or equal to 1000 m g/kg; At the same time also require express children's jewelry in the logo.

How to avoid or detect? Best buy regular brand in normal bazaar, got to go after the jewelry jade and precious metals testing point measuring the purity and harmful

substances, true and false, and so on.

4. Choose as far as possible when choosing bracelet with cook's circle,

The baby hand, certainly cannot wear suitable, with cook's circle will not attune to lead to deformation of bracelets. The shape of the bracelet either choose round, or choose the lining with convex design, it won't cough up the baby, baby bring comfort.

5. Other considerations

Baby's skin is very soft, can't cut himself with ornaments, pay attention to whether the silver ornament for grinding, polishing, allergy treatment.


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