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Q: recently, 3 year old son, always keep teeth grinding after fall asleep at night, listening to his "isalso" noise, I'm worried about: where exactly is the problem? There's a bug in stomach? It is better to eat anthelmintic?

-- mom

A: pediatric, said xu is A plus, director of bruxism is children is very common phenomenon, many parents think is belly snake. In fact, the causes of bruxism. 2

1, the reason of gums: children www.ajsdjj.com 6 months to 2 years long teeth, or 6 years old start baby teeth fall out in permanent teeth, the tooth when some children will be accompanied by low thermal, mild diarrhea, be agitated, the phenomenon such as grinding, drooling, teething, the phenomenon such as molar should disappear.

In addition, some children arrange irregular teeth, abnormal growth position, coordination organ damage to chew. Therefore, the body attempts to increase the grinding teeth to remove the obstacles of occlusion, thereby molars. Parents can bring children to the dental, doctor JiaoZhengJi arrangement is not the whole tooth.

2, evening eat too full, some children dinner eating too much meat or before bed, so that fall asleep in the gastrointestinal tract are many food, the digestive system to strengthen the activity, promote digest. The chewing muscles were mobilized to participate in sports, that cause molars. Parents should pay attention to in the evening don't let the children eat too full, more don't get into the bad habit of eating before bed, it helps to eliminate the phenomenon of molars.

3, indigestion, TCM believes that "stomach, lie", the children of the night, insomnia is more restless due to indigestion stagnant, food (i.e., the traditional Chinese medicine said

sluggish) caused by this situation is often www.makayikanggw.com accompanied by bad breath, molar, abdominal pain, such as performance, through digestion, hysteresis, xiaoshi guide effect can be received.

4, before going to bed too excited: some children watch TV before going to sleep, some bizarre plot tension deeply printed in my mind. Also some children tear before going to bed too excited to sleep after the brain still must be excited, there will be a phenomenon of molars. Suggested that parents don't let the children to bed watch TV thriller terrorist or dance and, in order to avoid the excessive excitement.

5, there's a bug in stomach, intestinal parasites are a common cause of child molar, but often accompanied by abdominal pain. Should give children do check of excrement and urine, if found that giving children the intestinal parasites to timely insect repellent, and pay attention to diet health education child.

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