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视觉 一般家长都知道新生儿喜欢轮廓鲜明、颜色对比强烈的图形。如:环形和有条纹的黑白图形;喜欢看复杂、有丰富内容的图形;喜欢看人的脸;对红颜色有偏爱。却 不知道,宝宝对太近或太远的东西都看不清楚。宝宝最清晰的焦距为约20厘米。应该在这个距离下,不断变换新的东西给予孩子视觉上的刺激。

听觉 宝宝一出生不但能听声音而且对声音有定向力。但有的父母却喜欢大声和宝宝说话,这是宝宝不喜欢的。新生儿喜欢听母亲柔和的声音,拒绝噪声;也喜欢听柔和、优美的音乐,不喜欢太喧闹和高亢的歌声。

触觉 宝宝的皮肤、嘴、手、脚是触觉器官,而嘴和手是最灵敏的部位。新生儿对温度、湿度及物体刺激产生的疼痛都有感受能力。在这个时期可以用各种质地的玩具刺激 孩子的皮肤和手脚。如毛巾的、绒毛的玩具,木棒或金属棒。这个时候孩子可能爱吃手,这是孩子探索外界的一种形式,也是在寻求安慰,这是情感发展的需要,不 要制止,但是一定要洗干净手。

味觉 新生儿有良好的味觉,喜欢甜味,对于咸味、苦味、酸味不喜欢。在这个阶段,很多家长喜欢给孩子只吃甜味的食物,导致宝宝不爱接受其他的味道。正确的做法是:适当的时候,可以给宝宝不同味道进行刺激,让宝宝的味道记忆仓库更加丰富。

嗅觉 刚出生的孩子能分辨不同气味,经过几天的母乳喂养,孩子就能够分辨自己母亲的气味,对沾有母乳气味的物件表现出很大的兴趣。但家长却总是忽略,应该经常让孩子闻闻各种气味,以助于提高孩子对气味的分辨能力。

Most parents know for newborns, five sensory stimulation is beneficial to early education, but didn't know how to properly give to stimulate a www.tdwk.net lot of parents, even there are some pitfalls, such as can stop the baby to suck. So, how to stimulate the senses to early education is good for the baby?

Visual general parent knows the newborn like clean-cut, contrasting color graphics. Such as: ring and striped black and white graphics; Like www.jxdjxz.com watching the complex, with rich content of the graphics; Like to see people face; Have preference for red color. But don't know, baby to too close or too far away can't see clearly. The focal length of the baby is the most clear about 20 centimeters. Should be at that distance, the changing something new to give children of visual stimuli.

Hearing the baby was born not only can listen to the sound and the sound is a directional force. But some parents like to talk loudly and baby, the baby didn't like. Newborn babies like to listen to mother's soft voice, refused to noise; Also like to listen to soft, beautiful music, don't like too much noise and the poignant song.


2 Touch the baby's skin, mouth, hands, feet is tactile organ, and mouth and hands is the most sensitive parts. Neonatal pain to temperature, humidity and object stimuli have

ability. In this period can use a variety of quality toys to stimulate children's skin and hands. Such as towel, fluffy toys, sticks or metal rods. This time children may love to eat, this is a form of children to explore the outside world, is also looking for comfort, this is the need of the development of emotion, not to stop, but must wash hands.

Taste the newborn has a good sense of taste, like sweet, for salty, bitter, sour don't like it. At this stage, many parents like to eat sweet food, cause baby doesn't like to accept other flavor. The correct way is: at the right time, can give the baby to different taste stimulus, the smell of baby memory warehouse more rich.

Olfactory newborn child can distinguish different smells, after days of breast-feeding, children will be able to distinguish the smell of his mother, of stained with breast milk smells objects showed great interest. But parents are always ignored, should let the children frequently smell smell, to help improve children's ability to distinguish smell.


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