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第一,儿童生长发育快,心理上也随时都可能发生变化,许多潜在的问题需要体格检查和实验室检查才能发现。譬如身材矮小,我国身材矮小的发病率大 约是3%,对于身材矮小的治疗是越早越好。其次是小胖子问题,如果怀疑孩子肥胖,可请专科医生来判断,及时干预;还有儿童少见的糖尿病、高血压、高血脂, 如果有家族史,也要定期体检。此外,随着生长发育,部分孩子可能出现心理上的问题,像轻度抑郁症、自闭、多动症等等,也需要通过定期体检及时发现。

第二,随着经济的发展,饮食和生活条件的改善,影响孩子生长发育的不良食物也层出不穷,一些孩子被家长潜移默化,出现一些不良生活习惯,可能导 致孩子出现一些疾病或处于亚健康状态。定期健康体检,及时早期发现异常,做出正确诊断和有效处理措施,将疾病消灭于萌芽时期。健康是动态的,定期进行全面 的健康体检,从生活方式和致病原因上发现影响健康的因素,早期去除危险因素,提高免疫和抗病能力。


Many parents don't know, children also need regular physical examination, including bone motion state, physiological and psychological all want to check, is this why?

First, the children's growth and development is fast, psychological also is subject to

change at any time, a lot of potential problems that need to be physical examination and laboratory tests can be found. Such as short www.ajsdjj.com stature, the incidence of short stature in China is about 3%, is the earlier the better for the treatment of short

stature. Second is small fat problem, if suspected child obesity, can ask our specialist to judge, timely intervention; There is a children's rare diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, if there is a family history of, also want to regular physical examination. In addition, with the growth and development, some www.makayikanggw.com children may appear psychological problems, such as mild depression and autism, adhd, and so on, also need through regular physical examination in time.

Second, with the development of economy, diet and the improvement of living conditions, affect a child growth and development of adverse food also emerge in endlessly, some children are parents osmosis, appear some bad living habits, may lead to children appear some disease or in a state of sub-health. Regular physical examination, early detection of abnormal in time, make a correct diagnosis and effective treatment, the disease nip in the bud period. Health is a dynamic, comprehensive health checks on a regular basis, from the way of life and causes find factors affecting health, early removal of risk factors, improve the immunity and disease resistance.

Third, children's physical development is fast, the skeleton in the process of development there will be some developmental anomalies or physiological abnormal we need to check regularly, does not necessarily need to follow up in time to intervene, the physiological abnormalities, some children can return to normal in the process of development, may also increase gradually, which requires medical intervention.

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