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4、让宝宝的头稍微往后倾斜,用乳头接触他的下唇。当他的嘴巴张大时,把他往上抱,让他的下巴和舌头先贴上乳房,然后把乳头往他的嘴里塞。这样有于 他的下巴贴住乳晕外围。 5、根据你乳房的大小和宝宝的强壮程度,你在整个喂奶过程中可能都要托住乳房。整个手掌托住乳房,这样宝宝就能找准奶头。

新妈妈们一定要有信心,只要我们掌握了正确的喂奶姿势,保持愉悦的心情,增强营养,让孩子多吮吸,宝宝们一定会喜欢上在妈妈怀里吮吸母乳的。妈妈殷 切温柔的目光,温暖结实的怀抱,甘甜易于消化的母乳,宝宝定能在母乳喂养下茁长成长,做妈妈的必定是自豪万分,享受着宝宝躺在自己怀中的那种亲密无间。

Fed the baby is not an easy thing, the more many novice mother see children crying in the heart the more try so hard, remember to nurse the child for the first time, I cried. Fed new 1

2 birthday have a lot of ears. Here we www.tdwk.net will introduce some errors for new mothers breastfeeding position.

A common mistake pose:

When using a nipple to amuse the baby's mouth, there is no patient for his mouth open to large enough.

The baby's mouth tightly inward, sipping rather than to relax.

Just let the baby comes into contact with the nipples, rather than the areola.

Not actively teach baby to take milk skills.

After flipped the baby's body, no belly belly on a tight, baby's body can also shake.

Some babies because not enough muscle www.jxdjxz.com tone, premature birth, or the suction weak wait for a reason, but don't want to suck mom's breast milk. This let mother a headache. In fact, as long as we master a few tricks to make the baby sucking milk less arduous, more easier, so that the baby would be quite willing to accept mother's milk, also conducive to adherence to breastfeeding mothers.

We explain the nursing of the following tips:

1, give yourself to find a comfortable position, and elbows behind mat pillow, nurse you will need it to be. Lap also put a pillow, so the baby mat is high, make the baby to your nipples.

2, side holding baby, belly to belly, with cradle type boots.

3, put your hand to keep U, support breast, thumb and other fingers in 3 ~ 5 cm below the areola. Gently back and forth to adjust and find the most appropriate location.

4, let the baby's head tilted slightly, with the nipple contact his lower lip. When his mouth in situ keratomileusis, picked him up, let him on the jaw and tongue with breast, and then stuffed the nipple into his mouth. This is in his jaw sticks around areola. 5, according to the size of your breast and your baby's strong degree, you may have to hold in the process of the whole nursing of breast. The whole hand hold breast, so that the baby can get the nipple.

New mothers must have confidence, as long as we grasp the correct nursing position, keep good mood, enhance the nutrition, lets the child suck more, babies will be like in the mother's arms to suck breast milk. Mother cut Yin gentle eyes, warm and strong arms, sweet are easy to digest milk, baby will grow up in breastfeeding under growing, mom must be very proud, enjoying the baby lying in the arms of his that kind of intimacy.


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