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英语易错题 整理

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1、( ) Your English teacher is nice . What about ___teaches ?

A .other B.another C.the others D.others

2、( ) You can get much ____about the World Expo on the Internet.

A.map B.picture C.magzines D.information

3、( )A:Must I book(预订) the flight ticket to Australia by phone?

B:No ,you _____.You can also do it online.

A .mustn’t B.needn’t C.can’t D.maynot

4、( )_____exciting sport it is to climb the mountains!

A .How B.What C.What a D.What an

5、Today is Father’s Day. My mother____(prepare) a special dinner for my grandpa now.

6、Let’s take a picture in front of the fountain.(改为反意疑问句)

Let’s take a picture in front of the fountain,____ ____?

7、Do want to go to Tom’s birthday party tonight?(保持原句意思) _____ you ______ to go to Tom’s birthday party tonight?

8、Celine Dion sings so ____ that many people like her very much.(beautiful)

9、( )Marry is in Grade 9. Every weekend she has ____homework to do.

A.many B.quite a few C.much D.a lot

10、( ) There ____ a school sports meeting in our school next week.

A.is goingn to has B.is going to be C.is going to have D.are going to be

11、( )Mum always tells me ____any food when I have lunch at school.

A.not to waste B.not waste C.to not waste D.to waste

12、( )The studends are doing their homework now.Must

they____after class?

A.hand in it B.hand it in C.hand them in D.hand in them

13、( ) Is there ______in today’s newspaper,Linda?

A.something new B.new something C.anything new D.new anything

14、Please ______(not play) computer games for hours,Lucy.It’s bad for your eyes。

15、I can’t go to school because of my ______. (ill)

16、( ) My school is about _______walk from here.

A.a few minute’s B.a few minutes’ C.few minute’s D.few minutes

17、(划线提问) How ___ milk _____ there on the table?

18、I often keep in touch with Mary ______letters.(write)

19、I’d like to eat all kinds of fruit, but my ____ favourite∕feiv?it∕ fruit is orange.

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