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携子赶春运大潮 三类药物随身带

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携子赶春运大潮 三类药物随身带









毒还是细菌感 染引起的腹泻,孩子的大便次数一多,都要防脱水。除了让孩子多喝水以外,建议家长准备一些口服补液盐,少量多次地喂孩子,可





Take their children go home New Year's day, this is the choice of many families, Spring Festival has begun, whether it's the www.xzymy.com railway station, bus station or the airport lounge is crowded, such an environment the most unfavorable to the baby

Health, below we will introduce for everybody to take children travel to prepare three kinds of drugs, for a rainy day.



2 In the crowded, poor air circulation, the most prone to upper respiratory tract infection in infants. Although the upper respiratory tract infection is caused by a virus, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, can heal, but some of the cancer

Can appear the symptom of fever, if temperature is more than 38.5 ℃, it's easy to have a poor spirit, poor appetite, serious even happen febrile convulsion, so suggest giving children some fever.

Fever to the child, appropriate USES acetaminophen (applies to all children over 3 months) and ibuprofen (applies to all children over 6 months of age).

Oral rehydration salts (ors)

Journey, managed to eat a lot of people are, the more is convenience foods such as

bread, noodles, ham sausage, together www.yzxyjx.net with the car crowded, can't wash your hands often, might be infected with diarrhea in infants. Whether it's disease Poison or bacteria are dyed diarrhoea, defecate frequency of the child one more, to

prevent dehydration. Besides lets the child drink plenty of water, it is recommended that parents to prepare some oral rehydration salts (ors), a few times to feed the children, but In order to better prevention and treatment of dehydration.

Topical disinfectant as

Spring Festival, my wife to railway station, bus station, passengers, and to avoid the child is easy to scratch and bruise on accident, had better use iodine disinfection of the wound. Iodine volts to the skin, mucous membrane, the wound

Excitant small and low concentration of iodine volts are light brown, not dirty clothes. If a child is allergic to iodine volts, can prepare a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and its wounds fester sex of anaerobic bacteria killing effect is very good.


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