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Baby's throat card shark fin? The child's age is small, when eating fish to pay special

attention to don't be shark fin card in the www.zshtech.com throat. Today, small make up will be to tell new mothers how to deal with young children is throat, barb card and to prevent them, and see it together.

Methods to prevent baby throat card shark fin

2 Can choose more in the choice of fish, pomfret, skinned fish, such as fish, because the fish meat more, less, more suitable for the baby to eat.

On the producing method, handle good fish washed first, and then take the fish belly meat 100 grams, after careful check without barb chop fish mud, add a little salt, fine spring Onions at the end of the uniform mixing, then put mud mixed fish in bowls or iron bowl of water steam.

To deal with the rest of the, for the baby to eat fresh fish next time had better not frozen, because it is not fresh, frozen and bad for children's intestines and stomach. Side dish, in addition, the baby is just starting to add fish www.baigoo.net generally eat less, so parents can buy ready-made mud for baby to eat fish, such as baby increases gradually and appetite when make your own.

So, if accidentally baby to the throat barb card, how to do?

Baby's throat card shark fin

General child card shark fin, parents will try to deal with it. Liu said the doctor, parents should help children to solve problems, first of all to stay calm.

Then under the condition of light and bright, let the baby opened his mouth, as far as

possible to find a flashlight to illuminate the baby's throat, observe the size and location of bones, if can see bones and the location is easy to touch, parents can use tweezers, had better use alcohol cotton to wipe clean, pick out directly.

To clamp the parents should cooperate to complete, one fixed the baby's head and a flashlight lighting, another person is responsible for the clip out of the bones. If you don't see the baby in the throat with bones, but baby swallowing difficulties and the pain, or can see bones, but deep position is not easy to pick out, be sure to bring the baby to the hospital for a doctor as soon as possible for processing.

Barb caught out in just a few days after the also want to watch, such as the baby have a sore throat, eat not normal or drooling, must take the baby to normal hospital

otolaryngology do check and see if there is residual foreign matter.

Parents to keep in mind that the baby is the throat barb card must use correct method to deal with.

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