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My favorite subject is science. Section A

Mouse: 13

Date of birth: October 12th
Cat: How old are you?

Mouse: I am 13.
Cat: When is your birthday? Mouse: My birthday is on October 12th.

Age: 22
Date of birth: August 21st

A: How old is he?
B: He is 22 . A: When is his birthday? B: His birthday is on December 9th.

Age: 26

Date of birth: Decemeber 9th
A: How old is she? B: She is 26. A: When is her birthday?

B: Her birthday is on December 9th.

Age: 5
Name: Mary Date of birth: January 3rd A: How old is Mary? B: She is 5.

A: When is Mary's birthday?
B: Her birthday is on January 3rd.


A: What's your favorite subject?
B: My favorite subject is ...... A: Why do you like it?

B: Because it is ......

1. What is your friend's favorite subject? 2.Why does he/she like it?

3. Who is his/her favorite teacher?
4. What's his/her favorite day? 5. What is his/her favorite color?

Make a Report I have a friend. His/Her name is ... His/Her favorite subject is ... Because he/she thinks it is... And his/her favorite teacher is ... What's his/her

favorite day? It's ... . Do you know his/her favorite
color? His/Her favorite color is ... What about yours?

Do exercises.

1.We have some s______. ______, math, hinese ubjects They’re C nglish politics, h______, eography E_____, istory P.E., g_______,s rt ______,computer,biology and a____. cience avorite subject because it’s 2.Science is my f______ interesting. 3.Tom likes singing, so he likes m____ usic class. Why do you like history? 4.---_____ ---_______ Because our history teacher is kind good. 5.____(I) favorite subject is art. My 6.I think music is interesting _________(interest). her 7.What is _____(she) favorite subject? does 8.Why _____(do) Alan like geography?

Fill in the blanks with these words. what,who,why,when,how much,how,where 1.--____ What is your favorite subject? –Chinese. 2.--_________ How much is this skirt?– It’s twenty dollars. 3.--____ How is your father?—He is fine, thanks. Why does Bob like P.E?—Because it’s fun. 4.--____ Who is your math teacher? 5.--____ --My math teacher is Mr. Lin. When is your English class? 6.--_____ --It’s on Monday and Friday. 7.--_____ Where is your quilt? –It’s on the bed.

Summary 1. Some words 2. Sentence patterns


What's your favorite subject? My favorite subject is ...... Why do you like it? Because it is + adj.

Homework Please recite the new words and write a composition---My favorite......

Constant dripping wears
away a stone.

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