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HSM 201 - Survey of Western Civilization


Session 4 Building the Classical World: Hebrews, Persians, and Greeks. Peoples of the Mediterranean: traditions, cultural uniqueness, interaction and influences…

Wars, conquests and new systems

Q of chapter 2 for the students to discuss ? In what ways did New Kingdom Egypt differ from the Old and Middle Kingdoms? ? What were the principal features of the Late Bronze Age international system? ? Why did Phoenician cities prosper during the Early Iron Age?
This development would occur a bit later…900-800 BC

? What were the foundations of Assyrian imperial power? ? In what ways did the Persian empire differ from its Near East predecessors? How would you account for those differences? ? What developments marked the Hebrew transition from polytheism to monotheism? Its political consequences. The importance of the Old testament, common grounds…

The New Empires…in rapid succession A list of Mesopotamian empires and states… > Summerians (Ubaid + Uruk) 6000-2500 BC > Akkadians 2300-2000 BC ?Indo-European invasions: the Bronze age innovations; Hittites in Anatolia, Mitannis in Syria, Kassites in Babylonian… Hyksos in Egypt.. > Ammorites and the Old Babylonian Kingdom > Assyrian Kingdom 1300-880 BC > Neo-Assyrian Empire 880-600 BC …Egypt

?New Babylonian Empire… Nabucodonossor > Persian Empire.

The International Bronze Age What is the character of international relations in the Ancient World? 1900-1450 Minoan C.


Eruption of Thera –Santorini
Mycenaean C. + Near East I.S. + New K Egypt

Basis of Greek Pol.Org / Gods

1200 Collapse - The Sea Peoples
Mycenaean collapse with reverberations in the region

The birth of the Classical World The birth of our Western Civilization?
900-800 Phoenician alphabet / Commercial shipping 800 Renewal (migrations) and growth of Greek populations 800 From Demos to Polis and birth of the City State

Q of chapter 3 on the birth of the Greek Classical World ? What cultural changes marked the end of the dark Age of Greece?

? How did the emergence of hoplite tactics affect Greek political norms? ? How and why did the Athenian, Spartan, and Milesian poleis differ from each other? ? How were the Greek armies able to defeat the much larger Persian forces? ? To what extent was the culture of Athens in the Golden Age the product of Athenian Democracy? ? How did the Peloponnesian War influence Greek philosophy?

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