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Creative English Classroom

? ? ? ? ? Desk arrangements 座位的摆设 Space used 空间利用 Classroom decoration 教室布置 Music in the classroom 教室音乐 Students management 学生管理

Desk Arrangement
? Desks in groups, with students facing each other, can help stimulate student discussion

? Desks in single or double rows are good for demonstrations and independent work

? Desks in ushapes are recommende d where possible

Desks in workstations are suited for students who have developed self management skills

Classroom Decoration
? Students like to see their own work displayed, 学生喜欢自己作品被呈现 ? Class-made posters help students develop a sense of belonging to the classroom教室的布置海报会帮助学生的学习 ? Plants and animals can have positive effects on the classroom (Nicholls, 2006)动物和植物是对环境有正面的意义

Music in the Classroom
? Music can be a great addition to any classroom音乐的重要性.
– Use as reward 得奖的 – Create positive mood 好的气氛 – Helps broaden musical experiences扩大对

? In inclusive classroom music can:
– Comfort/calm and help focus (some students)音乐是舒服的,安静的可以帮助小朋友专心

Knowing How
? ? ? ? ? ? Who you are? What you stand for? What you will ask them to do? What you will not ask them to do? What you will do for them? What you will not do for them ?


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