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1. Beginning class 开始上课

? Stand up, please. 起立!

? Sit down, please. 请坐下!

? Let’s start now. / Let’s begin our class / lesson. 让我们开始上课。 ? Let’s start a new lesson / Lesson 1. 我们开始上新课 / 第一课。 ? Let’s get ready for class. 准备上课。 ? Have you got everything ready for class? 你(们)做好上课的准备了吗?

2. Greetings 问候

? Hello, boys and girls / children. 同学们好! ? Good morning / afternoon, class / everyone / boys and girls. 早上好 /


? How are you today? 你(们)今天好吗?

3. Checking attendance 考勤

? Is everyone / everybody here / present? 所有人都到齐了吗? ? Is anyone / anybody away / absent? 有人缺席吗? ? Who’s absent / away? 谁缺席了? ? Why is he / she absent today? 他 / 她为什么缺席? ? Try to be on time. / Don’t be late next time. 下次别迟到。

4. Asking the student on duty 向值日生提问 ? Who’s on duty today? Who’s helping this morning / today? 今天(早上)


? Could you clean the blackboard, please? 请你擦一下黑板,好吗? ? What’s the date today? 今天是几号? ? What day is it today? 今天星期几?

5. Reviewing the lesson 复习功课

? Let’s review our lessons. 让我们开始复习。

? What did we learn last lesson? 上一课我们学了什么?

? What did we talk about last time? 上一次我们讨论了什么问题? ? Who can tell me what we learnt today? 谁能告诉我,今天我们都学了些什


? What did you learn today? 今天你们学了些什么?

不断更新中,Welcome back!


1.上课(Beginning a class)

(1)Let’s start now./Let’s begin our class/lesson.

(2)Stand up,please.

(3)Sit down,Pease.


(4)Hello,boys and girls/children.

(5)Good morning,class/everyone/everybody/children/boys and girls.

(6)Good afternoon,class/everyone/everybody/children/boys and girls.

(7)How are you today?

3.考勤(Checking attendance)

(8)Who’s on duty today?/Who’s helping this morning/today?

(9)Is everyone/everybody here/present?

(10)Is anyone away?/Is anybody away?

(11)Is anyone absent?/Is anybody absent?

(12)Who’s absent?/Who’s away?

(13)Where is he/she?

(14)Try to be on time./Don’t be late next time.

(15)Go back to your seat,please.

(16)What day is it today?

(17)What’s the date today?

(18)What’s the weather like today?

(19)What’s it like outside?


(20)Let’s start working./Let’s begin/start a new lesson./Let’s begin/start our lesson.

(21)First,let’s review/do some review.

(22)What did we learn In the last lesson?

(23)Who can tell/remember what we did In the last lesson/ yesterday?

(24)Now we’re going to do something new/different./Now let’s learn something new.

(25)We have some now words/sentences.

5.提起注意(Directing attention)

(26)Ready?/Are you ready?

(27)Did you get there?/Do you understand?

(28)Is that clear?

(29)Any volunteers?

(30)Do you know what to do?

(31)Be quiet,please./Quiet,please.


(33)Listen carefully,please.

(34)Listen to the tape recorder/the recording.

(35)Look carefully,please.

(36)Look over here.

(37)Watch carefully.

(38)Are your watching?

(39)Please look at the black-board/picture/map…

(40)Pay attention to your spelling/pronunciation.

6.课堂活动(Classroom activities)

(41)Start!/Start now.

(42)Everybody together./All together.

(43)Practise in a group./Practise In groups/In groups,please.

(44)Get into groups of three/four…

(45)Every body find a partner/friend.

(46)In pairs,please.

(47)One at a time./Let’s do It one by one.

(48)Now you,please./Your turn(Students name).

(49)Next,please.Now you do the same,please.

(50)Let’s act./Let’s act out/do the dialogue.

(51)Who wants to be A?

(52)Practise the dialogue,please.

(53)Now Tom will be A,and the other half will be B.

(54)Please take(play)the part of…

(55)Whose turn is It?

(56)It’s your turn.

(57)Wait your turn,please.

(58)Stand inline./Line up.

(59)One by one./One at a time,please.

(60)In twos./In pairs.

(61)Don’t speak out.

(62)Turn around.


(63)Could you please try It again?

(64)Could you please try the next one?

(65)Will you please help me?


(66)Can you try?


(68)Try your best./Do your best.

(69)Think it over and try again.

(70)Don’t be afraid/shy.

9.指令(Issuing a command)

(7)Say/Read after me,please.

(72)Follow me,please.

(73)Do what do.

(7)Repeat,please./Repeat after me.

(75)Once more,please./One more time,please.

(7)Come here,please.

(77)Please come to the front./Come up and write on the blackboard/chalkboard.

(78)Come and write It on the blackboard.

(79)Please go back to your seat.

(80)In English,please.

(81)Put your hand up,please.Raise your hand,please.

(82)Put your hands down,please./Hands down,please.

(83)Say it/Write it in Chinese/English.

(84)Please take out your books.

(85)Please open your books at page…/Find page…/Turn to Page…

(86)Please answer the question/questions./Please answer my qllllst1On(s).

(87)Please read this letter/word/sentence out loud./Please readout this letter/word/sentence.

(88)Please stop now./Stop now,please./Stop here,please.

(89)Clean up your desk/the classroom,please.

(90)It’s clean-up time./Tidy up your desk/the classroom.

(91)Put your things away./Clean off your desk./Pick up the scraps·

(92)Clean the blackboard.

(93)Plug in the tape-recorder,please.

(94)Put the tape-recorder away.

(95)Put the tap,In it’s box/cassette.

(96)Listen and repeat.

(97)Look and listen.

(98)Repeat after me.

(99)Follow the words.

(100)Fast./Quickly!/Be quick,please.

(101)Hurry!/Hurry up,please.

(102)Slow down,please.


(104)Bring me some chalk,please.

10.禁止和警告(Prohibition and warning)

(105)Stop talking./Stop talking now,please.

(106)Don’t talk./Everybody quiet,please.

(107)Don’t be silly.

(108)Settle down.


(109)Good,thank you.

( 10)Good/Very good./God job./Good work./Good example. (111)A good answer./Nice work.

(112)Excellent./Great!/Well done./Very good./I like the way you

(13)That’s Interesting!

(114)Don’t worry about It./No problem.

(115)OK!/That’s OK.

(116)I don’t think so.

(117)That’s not quite right,any other answers?/That’s close/That’s almost right.

(118)Not quite,can anyone help him/her?/try again.

(119)A good try.

12.布置作业(Setting homework)

(120)For today’s homework…

(121)Practise after class./Practise at home.

(122)Say it out loud,before you write It down.

(123)Copy/Print/Write each word twice.

(124)Remember(Memorize)these words/sentences.

(125)Learn these words/these sentences/this text by heart. (126)Do your homework./Do the next lesson./Do the new work.

13.下课(Dismissing the class)

(127)Hand in your workbooks,please.

(128)Time is up.

(129)The bell is ringing.

(130)There’s the bell.

(131)There goes the bell.

(132)Let’s stop here.

(133)That’s all for today.

(134)Class is over.

(135)Good bye./Bye./See you next time.

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