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One, guiding the great dream

Seedlings grow it, mainly by the internal force will, the wishes of the child from his dreams, he is more willing to dream for their own actions. So the education is the core of excitation and their dreams, what words can say with the child but never blow at his dream, the dream is his soul. Two, to guide the brave

Let the child know never say impossible to yourself, it seems impossible to easily do; let the children know that everything is not difficult to imagine, but from the heart to know, many a time in life are intimidated by false; http://www.bjsxbz.com/ let the children to believe in others, and even willing to give your life to others. Let the children experience the real CS war, stimulate children's courage, improve risk awareness, cultivating the tactical intelligence, in the fierce confrontation, double honed experience of winning and losing. Later, you must have awareness of children experience some challenging activities, so that more children brave!

Three, to guide the passionate and active

By helping a child opened the closed mind, complete the release of the self; let the children know that fitness is the premise of everything, http://www.hasjsc.com/ only passionate optimism can stick to the end, to influence the people around. The industry of success, the great figures are all passionate vitality of the people, but these people are easy to build a happy family, happy life. At

the same time, passionate and active, natural produce self-confidence, easier to realize their dreams!


Four, to guide the love

To help the child to the heart to his partner, do one hundred percent responsible for the protection, to learn to love others, believe that the companion, let the children know that for the team to pay, as team leader for the team honor, http://www.fjzjyl.com/ in order to realize their own value; know anybody like "net" as there each other; to know the strength of the team, willing to sacrifice the personal interests of the team. Successful people are active, willing to pay people, caring people, you usually pay attention to the guide!


Five, to guide the Thanksgiving

Let the children really know where you come from, know the parents themselves have too much pain, too much hardship. The child did not understand you, http://www.bzjcjd.com/ because he did not know of his hard work, is not easy to make money, and pressure from all aspects of society. After the children need to know your true life, to guide the children gratitude!

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