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这首名诗《The Road NotTaken》形式是传统的抑扬格四音步,但音步可变(含有不少抑抑扬的成分);每节的韵式为abaab 。另外,他的名诗《Departmental》,则采用了双行体偶韵的韵式,读起来朗朗上口,具有非常优美的音韵。 The poem "The Road NotTaken" format is traditional iambic foot (four foot, but thevariable contains a lot of anapestic components); rhyme each section is abaab. In addition, his poem "Departmental", used the rhyme type double row body evenrhyme, read GetWord, have very beautiful rhymes. 弗罗斯特在诗歌风格上的一个最大特点是朴素无华,含义隽永,这首诗的语言质朴自然,例如,诗歌中所描写的岔路就是人生岔路的象征。它说明,在人生的旅途中,我们时常必须要在两条道路、面对选择时,我们往往会变得犹豫不决,最后,我们终究会选择其中的一条路。这首诗,描绘的是一个面临选择的人和他进行选择时的心态。这种每个人都有过的复杂的心理体验,被弗罗斯特敏感地捕捉到了,并谱写成一首脍炙人口的佳作,我想这首诗之所以广受欢迎,也正是因为它表现了人类共同的感受。

Frost one of the most important characteristics in poetry style is simple, meaning meaningful, this poem is plain natural language, for example, symbolic poetry in describing the fork is a fork in the road of life. It shows that, in the life journey, weoften must face the choice in the two road,, we tend to become shilly-shally,finally, a road we will eventually choose the. This poem, is a description of thechoice and he faced a choice when the mentality, complex psychological experience that everyone had, Frost was sensitive to the capture, and write into awin universal praise works, I think this poem was popular, it is because of it reflects the common human feelings.

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