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1. principles of communicative language teaching

2. principles for teaching speaking

3. designing principles for the National English Curriculum

4. aspects of marco planning

5. six criteria for evaluating communicative classroom activities listed by Ellis(1990)

6. functions of questions

7. principles for teaching listening

8.process approach to writing


10.performance standards for level 5 according to the National English Curriculum

11.exemplify one activity using pictures when teaching speaking 12types of questions for reading comprehension

13models of listening

14 roles of English teachers

15critical period hypothesis

16transition device

17What does knowing a word involve?

18criteria for assessment (brief statement required )

19 silent reading and reading aloud

20suggestions for teachers when presenting vocabulary

21. characteristics of successful speaking tasks

22. list 6 ways of presenting vocabulary

23. 4 principles for listening teaching

24. illustrate 2 information-gap activities based on pictures when teaching speaking

25. questions classified from 3 different respectives

1. Talk about the main procedures of process writing

2.Please give a statement of the multi-intelligence theory.

3.Please give a statement of the models of teaching grammar

4.Please give your idea on assessing students in English learning

5.What are the challenges facing English language teachers?

6.Illustrate guided discovery method of grammar teaching

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