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1、what's your favorite kind of chocolate?and how many kinds of chocolate do you know?

Silky chocolate 丝滑巧克力

Raisin chocolate 葡萄干巧克力

Hazelnut chocolate 榛仁巧克力

Citron chocolate 香橙巧克力

Almond chocolate 杏仁巧克力

Peppermint chocolate 薄荷巧克力

Malt chocolate 麦芽巧克力

2、List chocolate's properties you know from the passage

Stimulating and nourishing

Sweet and smooth

Including mineras and vitamins

3 What can we infer from the 5th paragraph

When we eat chocolate we will feel very enjoyable ,but other sweet foods can't have the same effect on us ,maybe they only have sweety taste

4 When people fall in love,as we know,they will eat chocolate,and do know the reason after reading this passage?

Chocolate helps release hormones in the brain called endorphins .these chemicals make us feel happy and give us a sense of well-being ,similar to the feeling we have when we're in love


1、Where does chocolate come from?

A Europe B central America C Asia D Africa 2 When did the solid chocolate appear ?

A 1800s B 1825 C 1875 D 1956

3 When does people have a very strong feeling of wanting chocolate in a day ?

A In the evening B In the afternoon

C In the morning D Both A and B

4 The cocoa butter will melt at ____temperature

A 98`F B 97`F C 50`F D 100`F 5 Do you know what's the "sweet tooth"meaning?

It means someone who likes to eat sweet foods

6 The most good-selling food on Valentine's Day is ____.

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