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What’s your name ? 你叫什么名字

My name’s Rose. 我叫Rose。

How are you ? 你好吗?

I’m fine.Thank you. 我很好。谢谢你。 I’m

crocodile/cat/rabbit/dog/snake/monkey/mouse/frog. 我是一个鳄鱼/猫/兔子/狗/蛇/猴子/老鼠/青蛙.

I am a boy and you are a girl. 我是个男孩你是个女孩。

What’s this? 这是什么?

It’s a bag/ desk/ book/ pen/ pencil/ ruler/ eraser/ chair. 它是一个书包/桌子/书/钢笔/铅笔/尺子/橡皮/椅子。

What’s this? 这是什么?

This is a swing. 这是一个秋千。

This is a seesaw. 这是个拼图。

What’s that? 那是什么?

That is a jungle gym. 那是一个健身房。 That is a slide. 那是个滑梯。

What’s your phone number? 你的电话号码是多少? My phone number is…… 我的电话号码是…… What’s your phone number? 你的电话号码是多少? My phone number is …… 我的电话号码是…… How old are you ? 你多大了?

I’m seven. 我七岁了。

Happy birthday. 生日快乐。

What color is it ? 它是什么颜色?

It’s green/ pink/ red/ yellow/ blue.它是绿色/粉色/红色/黄色/蓝色。

Can I help you ? 我可以帮你吗?

I want a yo-yo. 我要一个溜溜球。 Can I help you ? 你需要什么帮助吗? I want a ball. 我想要个皮球。

Can I help you ? 你需要什么帮助吗? I want a robot. 我想要个机器人。 How much is it ? 这个是多少钱?

It’s ten dollars. 十美元。

I’ll take it. 我要了。

Here you are . 给你。

Thank you. 谢谢你。

Is this a pear? 这是个梨子吗?

Yes,it is. 是的。

Is this a mango? 这是一个芒果吗?

No , it isn’t. 不,不是。

Is it a pizza? 这是一个披萨吗? No, it isn’t. 不,不是。

My ice cream is delicious. 我的冰激凌很好吃。 Thank you very much. 非常感谢你。

I can make a square/circle/triangle/rectangle/heart. 我会制作一个正方形/圆圈/三角形/长方形/心形。 What shape is it? 它是什么形状的? It’s a star. 它是个星形。

I want two red balloons. 我想要两个红色的皮球。 I like peach/ pineapple/ watermelon.我喜欢桃子/菠萝/西瓜。

Touch your ear. 摸摸你的耳朵。

Clap your hands. 拍拍你的手。

Stamp your feet. 跺跺你的脚。

Turn around. 转一圈。

I have two eyes,one nose,one mouth,and a head.



How many monkey can you see? 你可以看到多少只猴子?

I can see eleven zebra. 我可以看到11只斑马。

How many bear can you see ?你可以看到多少只狗熊。 I can see thirteen lion. 我可以看到13只狮子。


Eleven plus nine is twenty. 11+9=20

Twelve puls six is eighteen. 12+6=18

What do you want? 你想要什么?

I want bread and milk. 我想要面包和牛奶。 I want a cake /pizza/ cola/ milk/ juice/ hamburger.


It’s yummy/ tummy/ honey.很好吃/吃饱了/很甜美。 Is it a car? 它是一辆汽车吗? Yes,it is. 是的。

Is it a train? 它是一个火车吗?

No, it isn’t. 不,不是 。

Is it a bus? 它是一辆公共汽车吗? No, it isn’t.It’s a plane. 不,不是。它是一架飞机。 I can swim. 我会游泳。

I can climb. 我会爬山。

I can jump/run/bounce the ball/catch the ball/throw the ball/kick the ball.我会跳高/跑步/拍球/接球/传球。

Don’t do that. 别那样做。

Don’t shake hands. 别握手。

Don’t open the door. 别打开门。

Don’t write your name. 不要写你的名字。 Where is it? 它在哪?

It’s behind the tree. 它在树后面。

Where is it? 它在哪?

It’s on/ in/ under/ behind the table.它在桌子上/里/下/后面。

What day is it today? 今天是星期几?

It’s Monday. 是星期一。

What day is it today? 今天星期几?

It’s Tuesday. 是星期二。

It’s Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday. 是星期三/四/五/六/日。

What time is it? 现在几点?

It’s seven o’clock.It’s time for breakfast/lunch/dinner. 现在7点。是吃早饭/午饭/晚饭的时间。

It’s time for school. 现在是上学时间。

It’s next to the sofa. 在沙发旁边。

It’s in front of the box. 在盒子前面。

There is a dog on the box. 有一只狗在盒子里。 There is a duck in the lake. 有一只鸭子在湖里。 What’s in the park? 公园里有什么?

There is a snake on the grass.有一只蛇在草坪上。


This is B for bill.

This is A for Annie and apple. This is C for cat.

This is D for dog.

This is E for elephant.

This is F for frog.

This is my pizza.

That is your cake.

Is this your grandfather?

No,this is my uncle.

What’s your father’s name? His name is pete.

How old is your mother?

She is thirty.

Carrots are my favorite food. Bear is my favorite toy.

What do you do ?

I am a bus driver.

Are you a scientist?

Yes ,I am.

Are you a policeman ?

No,I’m not.

Who is he ?

He is my father.

Who is she ?

She is my aunt.

There’s a mirror in your bathroom. There’s a TV in your living room. There is a window in your bedroom. There is a door in your kitchen. Is there a blue dog?

Yes ,there is.

Is there a bug?

Yes,there is.

Can you hear a bee?

Yes,I can.

Can you jump rope?

No,I can’t.

I can’t see an egg.

I can’t see a shirt.

I can’t see a shoe.

This is a coat.

These are scarfs.

This is a sweater.

These are boots.

This is a skirt.

These are shorts.

This is a hat.

These are gloves.

They are brown .

They are white.

They are black.

She can play the piano.

He can play the accordion.

She can play the saxophone.

He can play the violin.

She can play the guitar.

Can she swim?

Yes,she can.

What class do you have on Monday? I have math on Monday.

What class do you have on Wednesday?

I have Chinese on Wednesday.

Which class do you like the best ?

I like French best.

What time is it?

It’s ten thirty.

What time is it?

It’s six twenty.

What number is it ?

It’s number fifty.

Five plus ten is fifteen.

Six plus eleven is seventeen.

Thirty minus ten is twenty.

How many birds are there?

There are forty birds.

How many cows are there?

There are ninety.

How many month are there in a year?

There are 12 months in a year.


It’s an egg.

It isn’t an umbrella.

Is this an elephant?

Yes, it is.

Is this an ice cream?

No, it isn’t.

What’s the season?

It’s spring/summer/fall/winter.

What’s the weather like today?

It’s rainy/windy/sunny/snowy/cloudy/foggy. It’s sunny.Let’s go to the beach.

Let’s jump in the puddles.

Let’s play on the computer.

It’s long. It’s heavy.

It’s short. It’s light.

Is it big or small?

It’s small.

Do you like tomato?

Yes ,I do.

Do you like cabbage?

No, I don’t.

Does Bill like eggplant?

Yes, he does.

Does he like cucumber?

No, he doesn’t.

Where are you from?

I’m from Japan.

Where are you from?

I’m from England.

What time is it in New York?

It’s three .

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a present for you.

What do you want ?

I want a Christmas tree,a card ,and a turkey. Happy new year.

Do you have a nail?

Yes ,I do.

Do you have a band-aid?

No, I don’t .

He has short hair.

Does he have big mouth?

Yes ,he does.

Where are you going?

I’m going to the zoo.

Where are you going ?

I’m going to the restaurant/park/school. Where are the toys?

They are on the left.

between …and……,Next to ,

in front of.

When do you get up ?

I get up at six .

When do you have lunch?

I have lunch at 12:30.

When do you go to school?

I go to school at 8:30.


Long time no see! 好久不见!

Nice to see you again!很高兴再次见到你!

How’s your family? 你家里情况都好吗?

Very well. 很好。

How is everything? 一切都好吗?

Not bad. 都还好。

This is our classroom. 这是我们的教室。

This is her calculator. 这是她的计算器。

This is his pencil case. 这是他的铅笔盒。

This is their map. 这是他们的地图。

Where is the health clinic? 医务室在哪?

It’s next to the library. 它在图书馆旁边。

Where is the science lab? 科学实验室在哪?

It’s between music room and principal’s office.在校长室和音乐室中间。

Where is the restroom? 洗手间在哪?

It’s on the first floor. 在一楼。

Where’s the teacher’s room? 老师办公室在哪?

It is on the second floor. 在二楼。

Where is = Where’s It is =It’s

How do I get to the museum? 博物馆怎么走?

Go straight and turn left. 直走然后向左拐。

How do I get to the subway station? 地铁站怎么走? Go straight and turn right. 直走然后向右拐。

How do I get to the department store? 百货大厦怎么走?

It’s on your left. 在你的左边。

How do I get to the cinema? 电影院怎么走?

It’s on your right. 在你的右边。

I’m at the bus stop. 我在汽车站。

What does she look like? 她长什么样?

She has blond hair and blue eyes.她留着金色头发和蓝色眼睛。

What does he look like? 他长什么样?

He has short curly hair and brown eyes. 他有卷的短发和棕色的眼睛。

She is funny. 她很搞笑。

He is smart. 他很聪明。

She is pretty. 她很漂亮。

He is kind. 他很善良。

She is shy. 她很害羞。

He is naughty. 他很淘气。

What are you doing ? 你在做什么?

I’m watching TV. 我正在看电视。

What are you doing ? 你在做什么?

I am doing my homework. 我正在做我的家庭作业。 What is he doing? 他在做什么?

He is jumping rope. 他正在跳绳。

What is she doing ? 她在做什么?

She is reading book. 她正在读书。 What are they doing ? 他们在做什么?

They are playing computer game. 他们正在玩电脑游戏。

What are they doing ? 他们正在做什么? They are playing volleyball. 他们正在打排球。 They are ……

Playing basketball /juggling/ running/ riding bike/dancing/ sleeping/ playing the piano.

他们正在打篮球/ 耍杂技/ 跑步/骑自行车/跳舞/睡觉/弹钢琴

Are you eating a pizza? 你正在吃披萨吗? Yes, I am . 是的。

Are you singing a song ? 你正在唱歌吗? No, I am not. 不,我没有。

What kind of pet do you have ? 你有什么宠物? I have a turtle. 有一个乌龟。

What kind of pet do you have ? 你 有什么宠物? I have a parrot. 我有一只鹦鹉。

Children love pets. 孩子们喜欢宠物。 What kind of pet does she have ? 她养了什么宠物?

She has a toad.It eats bugs. 他养了一只癞蛤蟆。 What kind of pet does he have ? 他养了什么宠物? He has a lizard. 他养了一只蜥蜴。 What do you wear on a hot sunny day? 热晴朗的天气你穿什么?

I wear a sunglasses,a vest and a T-shirt.我戴一个墨镜,穿着背心和T恤衫。

What do you wear on a cold snowy day? 在寒冷的下雪天你穿什么?

I wear a sweater ,a coat,and a gloves. 我穿一件毛衣,一件外套,戴一副手套。

What do you wear on a rainy day? 在下雨天你穿什么?

I wear a rain coat and a rain boots. 我穿着雨鞋戴着雨衣。

What do you wear on a windy day?在刮风天你穿什么?

I wear jacket. 我穿着夹克衫。

What is it made of?

It is made of silk.

What is =what’s

What are they made of ?

They are made of wool.

What is it made of ?

It’s made of cotton.

Whose blue banana is this ?

It’s mine .It’s not yours.


Whose keys is it?

It’s yours .It’s not mine.


它是由什么做的? 它是由蚕丝做到。 是什么 它是由什么做的? 它们是由毛线做的。 它是有什么做的? 它是由棉花做的。 这是谁的蓝色香蕉? 是我的香蕉。不是你的 这是谁的钥匙? 是你的钥匙。不是我的

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