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感人视频:狗狗和患病宝宝做朋友 难度:适中 作者:沪江英语 来源:每日邮报 评论:4


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This is the heart-warming moment that a gentle dog befriends a young boy with Down's Syndrome and persuades the child to play.


Herman, now five, from La Plata, Buenos Aires, was captured on camera being approached by Himalaya, a Labrador.


Herman's mother Ana, who posted the video on YouTube, said her son usually backs away from contact.

Herman的母亲Ana将视频放到了YouTube上,她告诉大家儿子一般不愿与人接触。 Herman, who has two older sisters was aged three when the tender moment was filmed.


The video shows the little boy sitting on a patio in front of Himalaya. Herman then over to the dog and looks at him, but when Himalaya places a gentle paw on the little boy's foot he and moves away again.


Himalaya, sensing the boy's hesitancy, decides to try contact again and puts her paw on Herman's feet before dropping her head in his lap.


Herman seems to signal the level of contact is welcome as he picks up the dog's paw, but then pushes the dog away as she contently at Herman's feet. Herman先是抓起了狗狗的爪子,似乎表示他乐于接受这种程度的接触;但是随后他又推开了在自己脚边心满意足嗅着气味的狗狗。

At this point Herman is backed up against the wall, but Himalaya

is and rolls over on to her back stretching out a paw.


Herman then moves across the patio, only to be followed by the determined canine and the scene repeats itself with the little boy being followed by Himalaya.


Although Herman does continue to push the gentle giant away it becomes more of a game and towards the end of the four minute video the pair sit side-by-side contentedly.


Down's Syndrome is a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and a range of physical features.


Herman's mother wrote on YouTube: 'Herman, is a bit and flees from physical contact.


'He does not like be touched, but Himalaya (the dog) insisted so patiently, and she was so soft that's why it is so moving. '


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