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Mr Green is about fifty. He ____________(come) from London. Now he _________ (study) in a big school in China. Mr Green likes ________(work) in China. He can speak some _________(China) not much. He often _________(talk) with other people in Chinese. But he wants his students_________ (speak) to him in English. He comes to school early in the morning and leaves school late in the afternoon. He works very hard all day. He is very_________(friend) to his students, and they all love him very much. Mr Green has two_________(child), a son and a daughter. They are in England with the mother. On Sundays, Mr Green often goes_________ (boat)and the food is great”. He often says, “I love China. (be) good friends”.B

Dear Tom.

know a lot about your school. Now I let is a teacher. He My mother is a doctor. She ________(work)in a up early and ____________ (read) English. Our school is students and 200 teachers. Yesterday we _________(shout) for the players and we ________ (have) a Please ___________ (come) and have a look at our C

A crow (乌a piece of meat. She was very glad. She __________( want) to take the meat to her children. But she _____________(be) tired. so she ___________(have) a rest in a tree. A fox(狐狸) passed by. He was very hungry. He _________ (see) the crow in the tree with a piece of meat in her mouth. He was happy and __________( say) to the crow, “Hello, Crow. You look nice. I ____________(know) you sing very well. Would you like to sing for me?” The crow was glad to hear that and ___________(begin) to sing. When the crow________(open) her mouth, the meat ____________(fell) down and fox got it.


My name is John. I live in London, but I was born in Sydney, Australia. We ____________ (move) to England two years ago when my dad got a new job here. I didn’t want____________ (leave) Australia because I had a great life there. I had 21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网


lots of friends and we went _____________(swim) almost every day after school. And the weather was always great. I didn’t like the life in London when we arrived at the beginning. I didn’t have any friends. I looked forward to____________ (return) to Australia. It was still winter, so the weather ___________ (not be) very nice — it was really cold and it rained all the time! I __________ (feel ) lonely and wanted to go back to Australia. Things got better when I started school. All the kids at school were friendly to me. Now I like living here. I have a new friend __________ (name) Ben. At weekends, he usually ____________ (see) my grandparents with me. My parents like him very much .I think we _____________ (become) the best friends in the future. How beautiful and great London ___________ (be)!



When Mary Smith was a student , she always a teacher, a small school. She was a good t_________. The to h________ her Miss Smith, why does a man’“I don’t know, but it happened(发生) to The o_________ children laughed when they heard this.

Then one of the boys said, “I Smith! Men’s hair becomes white b____________ 胡须)!”


can teach do a lot of work for people. They say that in a carry large things, and d________ can look after houses. And we can teach animals to work in factories. In America, for example, people t________ apes(猿猴) to make cards , and scientists think that those clever monkeys may d_________ cars one day.


Every year there is a S ________Festival in China . Usually it is in January or F__________. In 2006,it is on January 29th. It is the most i_____________ festival in China .So before it comes, everyone has to prepare(准备) things. They buy pork , beef, chicken, fruit and many o_________ things , and they often make a special kind of food called “d ____________ ”. It means “come together”. On that day before the festival, parents buy new c____________for their children. On the Festival Eve ,all 21世纪教育网 -- 中国最大型、最专业的中小学教育资源门户网站。 版权所有@21世纪教育网


the family members come back to their hometown. This is a happy moment. They sing, dance and play all kinds of games. Others get the dinner ready. When they enjoy the meal ,they give each other the best w___________for the coming year. Children usually get some Lucky Money (压岁钱) or red p___________ . At 12:00, people let off f_____________ to welcome the coming of the Spring Festival. All the people , rich or p_____________ , old or young ,are the happiest at this time .


Mike was a waiter in a small restaurant. One day a young man came in and sat d__________ at one of the tables. Mike said hello to him and a ___________ him what he wanted to eat. The young man said he would like some chicken with potatoes and o_____________ vegetables. “Roast chicken,” he asked when Mike was l_________. “very well, sir,”young man called him b__________ and said, “have it cooked just right—not too little and not too much.”” answered s__________ him with the words, “leg,” Very well, sir,” answered Mike. “better the left or the r___________leg?”

before 7:30 on weekdays(to the D___________Club at 8:00 on Saturday mornings. He He usually goes to the b____________to look at the new books on afternoons, and after supper he watches TV until(直到).

He doesn’t get on Sundays. John’s parents b ___________ work on Sundays. John and some juice for lunch. After that, he goes back so he must s__________three hours on it. He usually goes to bed at about 11:00 p.m. on Sundays. He often complains(抱怨) he has too m____________ homework to do.

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