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3.Kate ____ playing chess.

A.am B.is C.are

4.Can I speak ___John?

A.for B to C.on

5.--- ___ they taking a picture?

--- Yes, they are.

Am B.Is C.Are


( )1.________ do you get up?

A. When B. What C. Why

( )2._________is your favourite season?

A. What B. Who C. Where

( )3. Which season do you like best?

A. I can swim. B. I like summer. C. I don’t like summer.

( )4. I ________like winter. It’s too cold.

A. doB. don’t C. doesn’t

( )5. August is the __________month of the year.

A. eight B.eighth C. eighty

( )6. June 1st is ___________.

A. New Years Day B.Army Day C. Childrens Day

( )7. What are you_______now?


( )8. Tom is ________an e-mail.

A.writing B.writeing C.writting

( )9. ________they catching butterflies? No, they________.

A.are; areB.Are; are C.Are; aren’t

( )10.Where is Zhang Peng? He’s_________the woods. He’s__________pictures.

A. in; takeB. in; taking C.on; taking

( )11 .______ is your birthday ?

A. What B.When C. Why

( )12.I eat dinner ________ 7:00 in the evening ?

A. on B.inC.at

( )13.What _____ you doing ?

A. are B. am C .is

( )14.Joan is ______the phone .

A. answering B .answer C. are answering

( )15 .When is your birthday ?It’s ______.

A. June 9B. June the 9 C.June 9th .


1. go to bed When you do

_____________________________? 1

2 .season do you which like best

______________________________________________? 3. your mother’s When birthday is __________________________________________?

4. answering the phone Amy is


5. cooking ,Mum ,is, dinner, kitchen ,in, the



( )1.Why do you like winter? A.October 18th.

( )2. What’s the date ? B.Because I can skate.

( )3.Can I speak to your mom,please? C.I like apples.

( )4.What’s the elephant doing? D.It’s walking.

( )5.Which fruit do you like? E.Sure.Hold on,please.

七.根据提供的句子,将对话补充完整,将A.B.C.D .E序号填到横线上。 (5分)

A.I’m watching TV.. B. What is your cat doing?

C. He’s reading a newspaper. D. Can I ask you some questions?

E. What is your mother doing?

Jack: Hello. This is Jack. ___________

Child: Sure.

Jack: What are you doing?

Child: ___________.

Jack: ___________

Child: She’s cooking dinner.

Jack: What is your father doing?

Child: ___________

Jack: ___________

Child: It’s watching the fish in the fishbowl.

Jack: Thank you.

Child: You're welcome. Bye.

三、Read and match. 将问题与相应的答案连起来。

1. What are you doing? A. Yes, they are.

2. Is her birthday in June? B. It's may the 5th

3. What's the date? C. I'm answering the phone.

4. What do you do on the weekend? D. Yes, it is.

5. Are they doing an experiment? E. I often going hiking.

四、Rearrange the words. 根据提供的标点符号,把单词组合成完整的句子。

1. they, cathing butterflies, are(?)

2. when, get, do, up, you(?)

3. play sports, I, at, 3:00, usually(.)

4. do, why, winter, you, like(?)

5. mountains, I, sometimetimes, climb(.)

五、Fill in the blanks with the following words. 用所给的词语或短语填空。

John: What you see?

Mike: I see two . 2

John: What are they ?

Mike: They water.

John: Can you see the ?

Mike: Yes, it .

六、Put the following sentences in order. 把下列句子按顺序排列,使之 成为一段通顺的对话。

( ) A.He is in the woods.

( ) B.Where is Zhang Peng?

( ) C. Yes, he is. They are play toghter.

( ) D. Is he taking picture?

( ) E. No, he isn't. He is playing chess.

( ) F. Is John playing chess, too?


1. class you do When English have (?)


2. shopping often go I weekend on the (.)


3. do season Which you best like (?)


4. May too sisters in birthday My is (.)


5.cooking Dad in dinner kitchen is the (.)


6. are lions The fighting (.)


7. insects she counting Is (?)


8. you How about ?


9 .weekend What you do on the do ?


10. noon at 12:00 get usually I up at .


11. the eating Are honey they ?


12. cooking Mum is dinner kitchen in the .










1.Ususlly I write an e-mail to my friends. But today I’m _________________. Because my computer is broken .

2.Look , my grandma is ___________________ .

3.My mom is helpful at home . She is __________________ now .

4.I like winter best . I can ____________________ .

5.Aunt Mary is ___________________ at home .

6.The elephant are _______________________ near the river .


1.go hiking , I , weekend , usually , the , on


2.they , eating , are , bananas


3.best , which , do , like , season , you


4.has , who , birthday , October , a , in



Zip : Here we are at the sports meeting .

Zoom : Look ! ____________ . Where is the mother kangaroo ? _________

Zip : She’s over there . She’s looking at her baby .

Zoom : I see the duck family .

Zip : ____________________?

Zoom : They are swimming . They are so fast .

Zip : Who’s the first ?

Zoom : _________________ . What are you doing ?

Zip : ___________________ . They are so

cute .


My name is Wang Ming. I’m a Chinese boy. I’m from Nanjing. I’m not tall. But I’m fat . I like blue . I have a brother. His name is WangPing. He’s tall and

thin. He

likes black. We are good friends, too. We go to school by bike every day. Can you guess what colour my bike is ? Black ? No, it’s blue.

( )1.Wang Ming is a _____ boy.

A.Chinese B.English C.Japanese

( )2.Wang Ming is _______

A.tall B.short C.long

( )3.Wang Ping is Wang Ming’s _______.

A.sister B.brother C.father

( )4.Wang Ping goes to school by ___________

A.bike B.bus C.car

( )5.--What colour is Wang Ming’s bike ?


A.Black B.Blue C.Brown



( )1. ----What's your favourite season?


A. I like fall best. B. February is my favourite. C. I swim in summer.

( )2. My parents usually get up ________ 6:40.

A. on B. in C. at

( )3 . ----What's the date today?


A. It's Tuesday. B. It's cool C. It's April 1st.

( )4 . ----Is Amy answering the phone?


A. Yes, he does. B. No, she is writing a letter. C. No, he isn't.

( )5. August is the ________ month of the year.

A. seven B. ninth C. eighth

( )6. ---- What is Mike doing?

---- He ____________ 5

A. running B. swims in the river C. is walking

( )7. ----______ do you like summer?

----______ I can swim in the river.

A. Why, Because B. Why, And C. Which, Because

( )8. There is a call ____ you.

A. for B. on C. at

( )9. ----__________?

----They are listening to music.

A. What do they do?

B. What are you doing?

C. What are your grandparents doing?

( )10. ---------Are the monkeys climbing the trees?


A no,they are. B Yes,they are. C No, it isn,t.


( ) 1. What do you do on the weekend? A. No, I'm going hiking.

( ) 2. When is Children's Day? B. I'm doing homework.

( ) 3.Which season do you like best? C. June 1st.

( ) 4. Are you climbing the mountai D. Winter. I can play with snow.

( ) 5. What are you doing? E. I often do homework and go hiking.


1. she listening Is ? music the to


2. He . making is snowman a _________________________________

3. season like do . best Which you


4. birthday My is in . June grandpa’s


5. is dinner cooking in brother kitchen . the My



1. Zhang Peng is m________ a snowman.

2. I often p_______ sports with my friends.

3. In spring, we can f______ kites.

4. Look! Tom is c______dinner.

5. Are they e_______dinner?


Mike: Hello. This is Mike. Is that Wu Yifan?

Wu: Yes, this is Wu Yifan. What are you doing, Mike?

Mike: I'm watching TV. What are you doing? And how is everybody doing?

Wu: Just fine. I'm doing the dishes. My father is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother is sweeping the

floor. And my brother is playing chess with my sister.

Mike: What do you do on the weekend? 6

Wu: I visit grandparents and go shopping.

Mike: Do you want to go to the nature park?

Wu: Sure. What time?

Mike: At 1:30.

Wu: OK. See you later.

Mike: Bye.


( ) 1. Wu Yifan is watching TV.

( ) 2.Mike is doing the dishes.

( ) 3. Wu Yifan's father is writing an e-mail in the bedroom.

( ) 4. Wu Yifan visits grandparents on the weekend.


My name is Amy. I'm from Canada. I usually get up at 6:30, and I often go hiking on the weekend. I like spring best. It's windy and warm. And I like winter, too. Because my birthday is in December, and I can play with snow. Today my parents are going shopping. My brother is swinging in the garden. I'm watching TV. Do you want to be my friend. My QQ is408981124, and my telephone number is 6678115. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

( ) 1. Amy often goes hiking______.

A. on Sunday B. in spring C. on the weekend.

( ) 2. Which is Amy's favourite season?

A. Spring. B. Winter. C. Spring and winter.

( ) 3. ----Why does Amy like winter?


A. her birthday is in December B. she can play with snow C. A and B

( ) 4. Is Amy's brother going shopping?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn't. C. Yes, he is swinging in the garden.

( ) 5. What's Amy's telephone number?

A. 408981124 B. 6678115 C. 408981124 and 6678115

七、Read and answer the questions. 阅读短文,然后回答问题。

3 My name is Tim. I'm eleven years old. My birthday is October 2nd. It's in golden fall. The weather is cool and sunny. It's my favourite season. My father's birthday is in October, too. Can you imagine (想到)it's on the same(同一)day! We can enjoy ourselves on that day together! Usually we go hiking or fly kites. Sometimes we have a picnic. We have a lot of fun on that day!

1. When is Tim's birthday? What's the date?


2. What do Tim and his father do on their birthdays?


3. Which season does Tim like best?



in play sports like Because go shopping writing climbing doing

1 . I _____ _ summer ._______I can swim in the lake .

2 . He is _____ _an e_mail _ __ the study . 7

3 . I often ______ . Sometimes I ______ .

4 . What are they doing ? They are ______ _trees . 八.阅读短文,完成文后问题(5分)

Today I have many things (事情) to do. It’s Sunday and it’s a nice day. I get up at five o’clock and then I do morning exercises. I like spring, because in spring I can hear(听) the birds singing and the flowers are beautiful. In the afternoon I go to the park with my friends and have a picnic there. It’s a pretty day!


1. It is a rainy day. ( )

2. I get up at 7 o’clock. ( )

3.Spring is my favourite season. ( )

4. I see many animals in the afternoon. ( )

5. I have a picnic with my friends. ( )


My sister likes spring best .Because she can plant trees .The weather is windy and warm .But I don’t like it .I like winter .I can make a snowman .Now , It’s fall .My mother’s favourite season is fall .

( ) 1.Does my sister like summmer ?

A .No ,she doesn’t like . B. Yes, she does like summer .

( ) 2.What’s my mother’s favourite season ?

A.Spring B. Winter C. Fall

( ) 3.Which season do I like best ?

A. It’s spring B. It’s winter C. It’s fall

( )4. Why does my sister like spring ?

A.She can plant trees .

B. She can make a snowman.

C. She can climb mountains .

( )5. What season is it now ?

A. It’s fall. B. It’s summer . C. It’s spring .



John: Hello, David. I get up at 6:00. When do you get up?

David: I get up at 6:00, then I eat breakfast at 6:20.

John: I usually play the piano on the weekend. What about you ?

David: I often visit grandparents with my parents.

John: What is your favourite season?

David: Spring, because my birthday is March 12th.

John: I like summer. Because I can swim in summer.

David: That’s great. I like swimming,too.

John: It’s time to go home. Goodbye.

David: Bye-bye.


( )1.John gets up at________.

A. 6:00B.6:20

( )2.David often __________on the weekend.

A.plays the piano B.visits grandparents 8

( )3.John often__________in summer.

A. plays the piano B.swims

( )4.David likes_________best.


( )5._______birthday is March 12th.



Look! What a big nature park! There are many animals in it. Can you see the tigers, lions, pandas and

kangaroos? The tigers are walking. The lions are sleeping. One panda is eating., the other one is playing. And the kangaroos are jumping. They are so happy.


( )6. There are many animals in the nature park.

( )7. There is an elephant in the nature park.

( )8.I can see the lions are sleeping now.

( )9.Do you see any tigers? Yes. They are running.

( )10.What are the kangaroos doing? They are jumping.


Jack is a reportor for Daily Report .He calls to fing out what people like to do in the evening.

Jack : Hello. This is Jack from Daily Report. I’m doing a survey .Can I ask you some questions, please ?

Child: Sure .

Jack : What are you doing ?

Child : I am watching TV .

Jack : What is your mother doing ?

Child : She’s cooking dinner .

Jack : What is your father doing ?

Child : He ’s reading a newspaper .

Jack : What is your pet doing ?

Child : You mean , my cat ? He’s watching the fishes in the fishbowl.

Jack : Thank you .

Child : You’re welcome .

What is persons doing:



father_____________________________________________ cat _________________________________________________


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