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Liu Yue teacher said for grazing policy does not apply to all the students, to students according to their aptitude. She tells the story of his experiences in the teaching process, there is one bad

grades in her class, the girl began to she is pursuing a policy of grazing, but the effect is very small, then she change strategy implement in captivity, the girl one-on-one tutoring, after that, the girls had the very big enhancement. In his view, some children don't need more freedom, but more of the concern, care and counseling.


Some say this is called "captive", is a focus on reading, the second is for the student safety, three is the school can also be generating revenue. "So far of road, the children walked back and forth only", some children back home to get a few hours at a time. The safety of the students the most worrying problem. Schools could no longer send staff responsible for the safety of the children outside, and the implementation of the boarding school happen to coincide the "captive".

有的说这叫做“圈养”,目的一是集中精力读书,二是为了学生安全,三是学校也可以创收。 “这么远的山路,孩子们来来回回只能走着”,有的孩子回一次家得走几个小时。学生的安全问题最让人担心。学校不可能再派出人手负责孩子们在校外的安全,于是寄宿制学校不约而同的实施了“圈养”。

Parent-school conference yesterday in Fu Gupo elementary school, a mother worried that her daughter was in grade five, but every day and his "bickering", "we kept her at an early age,

children want to do, let her do her self-care ability is good, but is too with his own temperament, not her, she will quarrel with you, it's hard to tube. You said your winter vacation I should sent her to a training course" circle ", otherwise she will play the more off-road?"


We know that the so-called, is to make animals leave human grasp, from family maintenance and captivity, to return to nature, let them have the survival state of the nature more. And herding of education, is to let the children can in the place where the natural attribute, social attribute more get the perceptual and the rational practice and guidance.


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