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discipline can teach children right from wrong and help guide them toward appropriate behaviors and smart decisions.

1.discipline teaches children to be responsible for their actions.

2.discipline teaches children proper behaviors in a variety of circumstances.

3.as children learns which behaviors,actions and words are acceptable and unacceptable, they will acquire self-discipline skills.

4.positive discipline can build child's confidence as well.

5.discipline can help children form a sense of purpose


Can not finish the homework" "examination" "can be said to the parents' no, '"... Beijing Ding Zengan couples daughter education method is very simple: range.


Yahoo has, according to a survey by around 94.9% of people feel there is like "tiger mother" strict mother of education. The survey also showed that 55.1% of people agree with the "tiger mother" strict way of education children, 37.3% of people opposed.


Because of the existence of ZhongGaoKao as rigid assessment standards, the domestic primary and secondary school education is still difficult to get rid of the mold of exam-oriented

education. Many parents in the education environment, the children also can take more strict family education; Corresponding to this is to the United States as a representative of the European and American countries, more liberal education mode is executed in the stage of primary and secondary schools, and parents in the European and American countries for children's family education tend to take the "range". Is not hard to find, whether domestic or foreign, learning education and family education is one-sided situation: either both tight or loose. In both cases there are undoubtedly some deficiencies: too harsh to cause too much pressure to students, stifle students' creativity; Education environment too loose, let the students' motivation to learn is insufficient, lack of diligence and solid basic skills.

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