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A flying dragon

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A flying dragon

There is an old saying gives, “ A good habit’s development can influence one’s whole life”, I couldn’t understand the sentence until I understood the word “Synergize”, an entirely new professional term to me.

If a man develops a habit of “Synergize”, he will benefit a lot the whole life .

I t was my own experience that helped me solve the problem” How can one plus one means three or more”, A really difficult math problem was given to us as homework yesterday. Both of my desk mate Lin and me didn’t solve it after a long thought. Suddenly, A warm thought came to my mind,” Maybe, I can benefit from, Lin’s wrong way. So can she!” Then, I gave my idea to Lin and exchanged our ways. What a surprise! We solve it easily! False plus false can mean true! Isn’t it a simple sort of Synergize?

An adventurous idea suddenly came to me. If teachers give this idea to students as a rule. The students can have lots of time to face Synergize. And can develop to a new way of studying which suits himself best. If every student in china can get the habit of synergize, China can have a stronger future!

That’s not enough. If the Ministry of Education can put this idea into bigger scope, such as lessons, activeties, exams well, make

an example of exams. Two students are put in one group, They do one test paper together. Don’t think it’s easy. Lots of problems are in their ways. What can they do if they have opposite answer for the same question? What about the two students are same question? What about the two students are “enemies”? How can they know what the other is good at in the shortest time? Why so you see, the new way of exam can inspect the abilities of cooperate, organization, study IQ and EQ at the same time! It can really train a great amount of talents in all ways!

Let’s see the goodness’s together. Firstly, the students can face the exam in a better state. Secondly, the teachers won’t worry about copying any more,. Thirdly, the country can get more reliable tablets and have a better future. Fourthly, the parents will have kids who develops in all ways instead of bookish. Kids. What does one plus one mean? Four or more! But this is only a simple use of synergize What about using it the whole country in all sorts How great the habit of synergize is!

In my opinion. The sever habits of highly effective people are all great, but synergize is in the center. Why? Just due to our Chinese people need this habit most. After all, the most suitable one is always the best one. You can have a think of a country falled with highly effective people . the future of it is just like the boiling water. Which

is staging at the temperature of 99℃ forever!Maybe China can become the developed country quite quicker.

Following the habit of synergize , China can fly into the top of sky like a dragon!

Above all, to a person, synergize can help him know more and do better. Win a brighter future; to a country, synergize can make a great progress and even help it fly rapidly like a dragon!

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